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Published on June 16th, 2014 | by Christopher DeMorro


Hertz To Begin Renting Nissan Leaf In Spain

June 16th, 2014 by  


Electric vehicles are gaining popularity worldwide, and Spain is the latest country to get access to rentable electric vehicles. Hertz has joined Spain’s Zero Emissions Mobility 2 All (ZEM2All) and will begin renting the Nissan Leaf EV at its Malaga City and airport locations, bringing zero emissions driving to all.

Hertz has been making big moves in an effort to offer more zero emissions options, including the Chevy Spark EV and Tesla Model S as part of its premium collection in select U.S. locations. But as cool as it is to rent a Tesla for the day, the Nissan Leaf is a much more practical (and affordable) everyday EV.

Michel Taride, Group President, Hertz International, said: “As a leader in the car rental industry, Hertz is well positioned to help customers and cities to gain first-hand experience with electric vehicles. We strongly believe that investing in innovative and convenient solutions that reduce the environmental impacts of travel is an important step towards sustainable transport on a global scale. In partnership with Zem2All, we will be working to create a compelling electric drive transport model that can be easily exported to other cities.”

So far this joint project has rolled out 160 vehicles and charging points, with another 40 due to come soon. For EV fans in the Iberian peninsula, the Nissan Leaf just got a lot more accessible.


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  • Wayne Williamson

    I thought Spain was rejecting the “green” effort…..

  • JamesWimberley

    Good for Hertz. Zem2All is unfortunately restricted to Malaga city. The rest of the Costa del Sol (where I live) is a recharging desert. This won’t take off quite yet.

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