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BMW + Tesla Talking Superchargers

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Editor’s Note: Our readers have had some lively discussions about the motives behind Tesla opening up its patents. Advance the EV revolution faster, make money off of its coming battery gigafactory, get some help splitting the costs of its Superchargers, wants to be a good corporate citizen, simply following lessons learned as children regarding sharing, etc. Another big question has been whether or not anyone will use Tesla’s patents and technology. Seems BMW is considering it

BMW and Tesla Meet To Talk Superchargers (via Gas 2.0)

Reuters reported that on Wednesday, officials from Tesla and BMW met to discuss ways to promote electric vehicles, centering on EV charging technology. Could BMW be the first automaker to gain access to Tesla’s supercharging technology? This meeting…

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  • Pieter Siegers

    Excellent news!

  • Benjamin Nead

    This is excellent news in regards to increased adoption of EVs. Curious to know if this means that all Tesla Supercharger terminals will eventually come equipped with SAE-CSS (what BMW uses for quick charging) and/or CHAdeMO (the Japanese QC standard.) Regardless of whatever transpires technically, good news for EVs all around.

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