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Vintage Electric E-Tracker Is Slick (VIDEO)

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Originally published on Gas2.

Earlier this year, ICON 4×4 teamed up with Vintage Electric to produce the ICON Electric Flyer, which proved a big hit with the Internet crowd. Vintage Electric is now increasing production and the color palette, offering this badass electric bike in five different colors.

The Vintage Electric E-Tracker, as its now called, can be recharged in just two hours from a standard outlet, giving it a range of 30 miles and a top speed of up to 36 MPH. That’s actually faster than the autonomous Google Car, though all this old school cool comes at a cost. You’ll have to shell out $4,500 to get on board an E-Tracker, making it more of a scooter alternative than anything. I’d rather ride this, that’s for sure.

If the price still seems intimidating, consider also that you don’t need a license, or license plate, insurance, or registration to get on the E-Tracker. Suddenly, that $4,500 sounds a lot more affordable, especially if you consider that by ditching your car, you can save as much as $10,000 a year. Even if you pay cash for the E-Tracker, you’re still $5,500 ahead of the game.

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  • Doug

    36 mph? That’s a motorcycle, not a bike

  • eject

    It is really sad that in the EU you would need a license if it does more then 25km/h running on the motor. Which in turn means that the bike has to be tested to some ridiculous standard some idiot in an office came up with to keep himself in a job.

  • Benjamin Nead

    First off, my real world experiences with an old clunker indicated an annual operating expense of around $1,000, not $10,000 (see comments section in below linked article) . . .

    Incidentally, I just sold the old ’95 Saturn this morning for $500. Glad to have it out of my life, actually. For the first time in about 3 decades, we are a one car family again and will remain so until I purchase a used EV sometime in 2015. I expect to be able to jump in there at around the $14K to $16K price point. In the mean time, a standard pedal bicycle is what I’ll use for my short work commute.

    So, do I think an off-the-shelf $4500 retro-looking e-bike is a bargain? Hardly. Far more functional and comfortable e-bikes can be had for a fraction of that price. You can save even more if you find an interesting old bicycle (maybe even emulating that retro look, if desired) and carefully building up a custom project on your own.

    If you have around $5K to spend on low environmental impact transportation and actually want to haul a few bags of groceries while you’re at it, this sort of thing might be a far more prudent choice . . .

    And, yeah, it’s only a matter of time before that same $5K gets you a mid mileage used Leaf. Granted, its mid mileage battery will probably only be able to take a 55 mile charge, the seat covers might have a few stains and the doors might have a few shopping cart dings. But you’ll be getting a REAL electric car for that kind of money.

    Other than someone who already has reliable transportation, LOTS of disposable income and simply wants a boutique-looking e-bike to tool around the neighborhood for fun, I simply can’t see how anyone could consider a $4500 product like this to be their primary practical ride. The utility simply doesn’t match the numbers.

  • Bob_Wallace

    ” you don’t need a license, or license plate, insurance, or registration to get on the E-Tracker. Suddenly, that $4,500 sounds a lot more affordable, especially if you consider that by ditching your car….”

    Or if you’re one of the guys we see around town riding bikes. The ones who have lost their driving licenses for DUI.

  • Rob

    Fantastic design. Great idea. Should sell like hotcakes. I want one!

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