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Published on June 12th, 2014 | by Cynthia Shahan


Renters & Apt Dwellers In New York May Soon Be Able To “Go Solar”

June 12th, 2014 by  

New York Shared SolarGood news for the people of New York City and their neighbors further up in. Participating and sharing in clean energy choices is could soon be tangible even for the average renter or apartment dweller due to the very recent “Shared Clean Energy Bill.” This New York legislation would let people without their own roofs for solar panels to invest in clean energy projects, which is more attractive than ever thanks to recent drops in the price of solar and wind power. Renewables and community are becoming more synchronized! Here’s more from a press release from Vote Solar:

The New York Assembly Energy Committee today (June 4) passed a “Shared Clean Energy Bill” (A.9931), which would establish a new way for renters and other families, schools and businesses to go solar. Advocates applauded the bill for its visionary goal of enabling more New Yorkers to participate in and benefit from the state’s growing solar economy.

Solar is nothing new. Many environmental thinkers and scientists had their attention on the benefits and potential of solar much earlier in the last century. Still, it is only within the past few decades that it has become an option for property owners to go solar, and it is just now beginning to become an option for renters and apartment owners. In a few other places, people can already invest in “community solar gardens” with their neighbors, but not many.

“Today solar is creating thousands of jobs in New York and pumping hundreds of millions of dollars into our economy all while building a cleaner, more resilient energy supply. The majority of our residents and businesses cannot participate in that growing solar marketplace simply because they do not own rooftops that are suitable for solar. This bill would make solar an option for renters and millions of other New Yorkers for the first time, in turn delivering more solar benefits to our state,” said New York State Assembly member, Energy Committee Chair and bill sponsor Amy Paulin (D-88).”

One might keep alive the dream of investing in solar even if they don’t subscribe to the “American dream” of a house in the suburbs.

“New Yorkers clearly want more clean, reliable solar energy powering our homes, schools and businesses. A9931 would co cut more New Yorkers with the solar power they want and continue to put our state at the forefront of energy development and job growth in our country,“ said Shaun Chapman, President of the New York Solar Energy Industries Association (NYSEIA), as Roy Hales of the EcoReport previously reported.

“New York has charted a pioneering path forward on clean energy. Strong existing programs and new initiatives like the ‘Reforming the Energy Vision’ process aim to empower New Yorkers to take climate action into their own hands and re-power our state with clean energy. Shared solar, which gives more consumers access to renewable energy, should be part of New York’s clean energy vision,” said David Gahl, Pace Energy and Climate Center’s Director of Strategic Engagement.”

For more fun regarding cleantech in New York, check out the story from the beginning of the year about the New Year’s Eve ball in Times Square being partially powered by bikes and the NY Green Bank that launched at the end of 2013.

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