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How Car Sharing Changes The Ways We Live

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Ten years ago, car sharing as a business barely existed outside of the Boston area. Today though, car sharing services are taking a bite out of new car sales and giving a whole generation the ability to forgo car ownership, without sacrificing mobility.

But why has car sharing grown so popular in just the past few years? Street Blog USA reports that there are a multitude of factors affecting the rise of car sharing, including the explosive popularity of social media sites like Facebook. John Martin of the Southeastern Institute of Research says that our habit of sharing our lives on Facebook has made us more willing to share things like cars.

Car sharing and bike sharing systems are also helping blur the lines between public and private transportation…and most young people could care less as long as they get where they’re going. With the government encouraging privately-owned ride sharing systems, customers are the winners.

As we’ve already covered prior, car sharing is also taking cars off the road. While the numbers vary wildly, the most agreed-upon number is that every vehicle in a car sharing fleet removes between 9 and 13 vehicles from our nation’s roads. If even just 10% of the population started using car sharing services, we’d remove millions of cars from our roads.

Finally, bike sharing services have become an important complement to public transit services, though these stations still need to be properly placed. These services are proving especially popular in dense residential and business areas, and have led to an uptick in commerce as well.

In other words, transportation sharing services are making getting around a heckua lot easier.


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  • Shiggity

    Pretty soon you won’t have to own a car to get the benefits of one. This is GOOD news.

  • Russell

    Yes there sure are many more articles about this for example. Uber will surely get onto this soon also. I expect there is some multiplier effect in rush hour because if you remove 10% of the cars, how much faster do the other 90% go also?

  • JamesWimberley

    “We’d remove millions of cars from our roads.” Don’t oversell this. To get anywhere near the figure you quote of 9-13 cars replaced, the shared car has to be used very intensively, like a taxi or bus. Cars parked at home don’t contribute to traffic congestion. The impact on traffic depends on the much smaller reduction in vehicle miles travelled per sharer.

    • Matt

      The first impact you see is more open parking on streets in a city. If you live on the island of NY. All those streets where people live would end up with less cars needing to park (since they are only use sometimes), verses the daily commute by subway or bus.

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