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Top Gear Star James May Buying BMW i3

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Editor’s Note: It comes as quite a surprise, and is so ironic (given Top Gear’s bashing of electric cars over the years), that James May, one of the Top Gear stars, is actually getting an electric car! Admittedly, May is the one most into “new tech” and the future of cars. But nonetheless….

James May Buying A BMW i3 REx (via EV Obsession)

Top Gear hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May are certifiable car nuts with garages packed full with classic and modern vehicles that are the envy of all. With all that money and celebrity, the Top Gear hosts can have just about any…

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  • Martimu

    Had my non Rex version since March and can say I’m never going back to petrol/diesel if I can help it. Aside from slightly annoying doors the car is an absolute joy. Will be checking out Tesla when our other comes up renewal.

  • StefanoR99

    Tesla should have given him a model S. Would have totally opened up the UK market.

  • patb2009

    maybe he should do a head to head drive off of the Volt, the i3 w/ rex and the C-Max Energi

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