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New Jersey Legislature Reconsidering Tesla Direct Sales Today

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Chris Christie managed to piss off both Democrats and Republicans with his sneaky ban on Tesla sales in the state of New Jersey. The New Jersey ban on Tesla sales could end today as the state legislature hears a bill that allows the direct sale of electric vehicles like the Model S.

Back in early April, New Jersey backstabbed Tesla by sending a bill straight to committee, rather than letting it play out in the legislature. This move incurred national backlash against the state and its governor, Chris Christie, from Democratic supporters of Tesla and free-market warriors of the Republican party. State senators vowed to set things right, and today the state legislature will hear a bill that would allow the direct sale of pure electric and hydrogen vehicles.

The bill will not, however, permit the direct sale of hybrid or plug-in hybrids, meaning companies like VIA Motors are left on the outside, looking in. Tesla, however, could once again be allowed to sell the Model S in New Jersey, where Tesla recently installed its 100th Supercharger.

Moving at the speed of government, it will still be weeks, or even months before the matter of Tesla’s direct sales model is settled in the Garden State. So far though, Tesla seems to be winning the war against car dealer lobbyists trying to prevent the direct sales method. Eventually, the conversation could (and should) enter the national level, and even the FTC has weighed in on Tesla’s side.

For now though, it’s one state battle at a time for Tesla, battles they seem to be winning more than losing.

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