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1st Solar Airplane To Carry Two People — Sunseeker

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We’ve written about the Solar Impulse (and Solar Impulse 2) dozens of times. The Solar Impulse team has surely set more solar airplane records than any other. But here’s a new solar airplane record from a different team. The Sunseeker is apparently the first solar airplane to carry two people.

Sunseeker Solar Plane Takes First Passenger Flight (via Gas 2.0)

Last month, husband and wife team Eric and Irena Raymond took to the sky together behind the wheel stick of the Solar Flight Sunseeker Duo – making the Sunseeker the first solar-powered airplane to carry two people. The Sunseeker’s accomplishment…

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  • martin

    What is more efficient, a tractor (puller) prop or a pusher?

  • CaptD

    Solar Powered Aircraft will result in ever more folks becoming pilots since they can do it much less expensively than flying which requires using either avgas or jetA fuel. Since most private aircraft spend most of the time on the ground, what better way to generate and/or store energy for their next flight than to also incorporate PV panels into these aircraft.

    I expect to see most airport hangers sport PV panels very soon since they are usually located in secure areas that have great solar access, which would allow their owners to reduce their Utility bills to almost zero while flying locally for almost nothing…

    Powered gliders, will become ePowered Gliders and then with fuel and maintenance dropping to almost zero out of pocket cost , e Powered Flying will again become possible for what is left of the middle class.

    Another issued faced by most airports is aircraft noise, and as the article explains that is not an issue for ePowered aircraft, which will make local residents much happier. I would also expect to see ePowered Aircraft-ONLY airports start to spring up as municipalities pass ever more noise restrictions for “loud” annoying aircraft.

  • agelbert



    • Southernfink

      Indeed it is, I’d love to have to solar powered plane, due to wingspan landing sites appear limited but don’t let that stop anyone from flying solar.

      You often have those absolutely amazing graphics, how do they work or do they only work on some sites and not on others ?

      • Come on over and sign up at my forum. I’ll give you detailed instructions on how to have fun with emoticons on the internet. It’s really easy.


        First you collect a set of gifs, jpgs, pngs or whatever emoticon imgs hotlinked to a reliable web site that isn’t going to go away any time soon (you are welcome to use mine. You need to upload the image to the gallery, get a link, and you are in business).

        Whenever one of my emoticons gets fried because the web site dies, I just redo it on my forum.

        Zach and Bob here are nice enough not to limit my emoticons. They are patient with my irrational exuberance. :>) Common Dreams doesn’t seem to like them but sometimes they take anyway. It all depends on webmaster tastes.

        My forum uses slightly different code to get the exact same images so I have two sets, one for Disqus and one for Forum.

        I do so enjoy pulling a fossil fueler’s chain every now and then. LOL![img]http://www.freesmileys.org/emoticons/emoticon-monster-002.gif[/img]


        • Bob_Wallace

          Let me say that I find your jumpy things highly annoying.

          That doesn’t make them subject for moderation but, man, is it tempting…. ;o)

          ​More reasoned arguments and less comic book effects would be appreciated.​

          • Sourpuss. ;>)
            I have multipage articles that I authored on my forum. If I start that here you will be really “bothered”.
            You are a nice guy but you are way too much of a “doubting Thomas” to grasp the potential of new technology.
            You claim you accept data and then question the source of it? Sorry, that’s not a “reasoned” approach to analysis.
            Next thing ya know, you’ll be calling me a conspiracy theory wacko, right?
            Have a nice day, Bob. I’m outta here so you can “rest” form my “annoying” emoticons.
            Hey Zach, throw some cold water on your sidekick!

          • Bob_Wallace

            What I am is a (retired) research scientist. At least during one part of my working days.

            I easily grasp the potential of new ideas, but I also know how few promising ideas turn out to work.

            Grabbing on to an interesting technology and running with it before there is data to support it is not being a conspiratist , it’s being gullible.

          • With all due respect, considering the abject failure of research scientists in the 20th century to provide reasonable cost efficient solutions to the problems facing humanity, sniffing at technology that makes previous technology look ignorant and crude is par for the course in the “scientific” community. You guys have a priesthood going that makes anything that isn’t peer reviewed six ways from Sunday as “suspect”.

            The blatant stifling of new technology by the corporate owned (and now much of the government ones too) research labs is one of the reasons that things are in such a sad state of affairs.

            If you ever entertained the idea that you research scientists are objective with no chips on your shoulders about being high and mighty know it alls with easily bruised egos while constantly claiming you are “always open to the scientific method”, then it is you who are gullible about your peers. Modern science doesn’t do objective research because of corporate malfeasance. They own most of you. I guess that explains your pessimism with a bit of cynical mockery thrown in.

            As always, it’s the fringe operators that will usher in change because the “big boys” are dedicated to ossification and ivory tower ego worship.

            The pose you present as being from “Missouri” (the “show me state”) is just that, Bob.

            We are just talking here, Bob. There is no money on the table. So your knee jerk poo-pooing is really unnecessary. IF I were consulting you about plunking down several million on this nautilus design, then I would welcome your reticence.

            No one is gullible to admire new technology. Only if they buy before they confirm the claims are they gullible. By the way, are you on the rag today, or something?

            Man, I had a prof like you one time. It was totally impossible to get a smile out of that dude! You aren’t a lot of fun to be around, are you? Just kidding! ;>)

            Facile est inventis addere.

          • Bob_Wallace

            ” the abject failure of research scientists in the 20th century to provide reasonable cost efficient solutions to the problems facing humanity”

            Oh, horseshit. We’ve got wind at less than four cents, solar at less than seven, batteries coming down in price very rapidly. We’ve greatly increased energy efficiency (LEDs, alone).

            Sorry, that dog don’t hunt.

            ” You guys have a priesthood going that makes anything that isn’t peer reviewed six ways from Sunday as “suspect”.”

            You don’t understand the basics of empiricism? You think we got the knowledge we have through speculation?

            You win a prize for one of the stupidest comments I’ve ever read.

          • My, don’t we have our drawers in a bunch! Only an arrogant fellow would claim the science of corporate owned research labs is based on empirical evidence and the scientific method. It starts, not by empirical evidence, but by a directive to force feed the public a product for corporate profit. The “empirical” evidence. no matter how iffy, is then zealously searched for so you can claim you are objective. That’s really horsehit.; it’s immoral too! But considering your hero is Carl Sagan, morality doesn’t figure much in your “empirical evidence based” (NOT!) mindset, does it?

            Ad Hominem is against your policy, remember? Zach is going to censor your internet rage! Take a deep breath, Bob. It’s not your fault you are biased by the “scientific” priesthood worship. Ad Hominem is inefficient, unscientific and wasteful of your mental efforts. It don’t work, either![img]http://www.desismileys.com/smileys/desismileys_2544.gif[/img]

          • Bob_Wallace

            Right, what corporate labs do is pump out data that leads their corporation in the wrong direction.

            And then there are university and government labs.

            I’m sorry, you’re acting like a fool.

          • Southernfink

            I like jumping things, don’t you ‽

          • Bob_Wallace

            Look, it’s time for you go get on topic and stop acting like a 10 year old.

            I’m taking this particular worthless post down.

          • Bob_Wallace

            And let me give you the link to the site comment rules.


            Please pay attention to the staying on topic part.

          • Bob_Wallace

            No more warnings.

        • Southernfink

          I signed up some time ago, but never got active let me check and find those details again…my old daily ride is currently getting 85 miles a gallon, some old timers were made really well.

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