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“Wheels Up” She Flies! Solar Impulse 2 #FIRSTFLIGHT (VIDEO)

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Solar Impulse 2, the solar aircraft of Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg, today (2 June 2014) carried out its first flight out of the Payerne aerodrome in Switzerland.

Solar Impulse 2

Solar Impulse 2 #FIRSTFLIGHT | Bertrand Piccard (left) and André Borschberg (right) congratulate test pilot, Markus Scherdel | 2014.06.02 | © Solar Impulse | Revillard | Rezo.ch

Best-Of Solar Impulse 2 #FirstFlight – Maiden Flight

A Successful First Fight for Solar Impulse 2

The revolutionary single-seater aircraft, with which Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg are attempting to carry out the first solar-powered flight around the world in 2015, has successfully completed its maiden flight this morning in Payerne.

For 2 hours and 17 minutes, professional test pilot Marcus Scherdel was able to trial the aircraft’s performance in the skies. The initial results are in line with calculations and simulations. There will be several other flights taking place in the coming months in order for this experimental machine to attain certification.

This inaugural flight is an important stage – a step closer towards the round-the-world flight. It is also a huge emotional step for the entire team and all our partners who have worked on the aircraft. Si2 incorporates a vast amount of new technology to render it more efficient, reliable and in particular better adapted to long haul flights. It is the first aircraft which will have almost unlimited endurance. —André Borschberg, Solar Impulse Co-founder, CEO and pilot

Throughout such an innovative project, each stage is a leap into the unknown. Today suspense was at a high! The results show that our team of engineers can be very proud of the work it has accomplished during the last 10 years. –Bertrand Piccard, Solar Impulse Founder, President and pilot

Flight report :
Pilot:                                    Markus Scherdel
Take-off time:                       2 June 2014 5h36min CET
Landing time:                        2 June 2014 7h53min CET
Flight duration:                      2h 17 minutes
Highest altitude reached:      1670 mètres (5500 ft)
Average ground speed:         55.6 km/h (30 kt)

Author’s note: Congratulations to Bertrand, André, Markus and the entire Solar Impulse team, and thanks for another exciting flight. Our best wishes for the upcoming performance trials over the next several months, we’ll be here to enjoy each step on your journey and cheer you on!

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  • martin

    What is more efficient, a tractor (puller) or a pusher propeller?

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  • JamesWimberley

    Notice the guys on bicycles easily keeping up with the plane on takeoff and landing.
    Worthy of Jules Verne.

    • Benjamin Nead

      Yes. When I was able to witness the first Solar Impulse plane land at the Phoenix, AZ, airport a year ago, I couldn’t help noticing the e-bikes that played a role in the ground support process. I was covering the event for the Tucson NPR affiliate and logged the story here . . .


      There’s an embedded audio radio feature and an additional recorded in-flight interview with Bertrand Piccard in the above link.

      Anyway . . . about an hour after they landed and the plane was wheeled inside the hanger, we were invited inside to take a closer look. I think the Solar Impulse crew was somewhat amused that we (I was accompanied by a couple of the guys from the Tucson EV club) were also very interested in the looking at the chase bikes. They were Stomers, very similar to this one . . .


  • Main wheel lift off, 1meter, 2meters, 3meters, 5!
    Indeed it flies, thanks for sharing!


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    Love it!


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