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Published on June 2nd, 2014 | by Christopher DeMorro


California Leads Coalition Drivings Towards 3.3 Million ZEVs

June 2nd, 2014 by  

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While President Obama’s goal of 1 million electric cars on America’s roads by 2015 is obviously out of reach, electric cars and other zero-emissions vehicles are still gaining in popularity. A coalition of eight states, led by California, has laid out an 11 step plan to help bring a total of 3.3 million EVs to their collective roads by the year 2015.

Joining California is Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, Massachusetts, Oregon, Maryland, and New York, which will focus on three key areas of EV adoption to get their residents on board the green car train. California alone plans to account for 1.5 million zero-emissions vehicles by 2025, and it plans to do so by adhering to the Multi-State ZEV Action Plan, an 11-step outline for helping speed along EV sales. These 11 steps are divided into 3 categories;

Build the market

  • Promote the availability and effective marketing of ZEVs
  • Encourage private fleets to acquire ZEVs
  • Promote planning and investment in ZEV infrastructure
  • Increase the number of ZEVs in government vehicle fleets

Provide consistent codes, standards and tracking

  • Remove barriers to charging station installation
  • Provide clear and uniform signage
  • Track and report progress toward the 3.3 million vehicle goal

Improve the experience

  • Promote workplace charging
  • Provide consumer incentives for the purchase of ZEVs
  • Remove barriers to retail sale of electricity as vehicle fuel
  • Promote access and compatibility for charging networks

Each state has its own ideas of what it takes to promote electric vehicles, with California offering buyings a $5,000 tax credit and access to HOV lanes while Connecticut encourages car dealers to sell more EVs with awards. This eight-state coalition aims to share data and ideas on what programs work, what doesn’t, and how to better convince the public of the benefits of electric vehicles.

EVs may have fallen short of their first ambitious goal, but with more than a decade to go and a sizable head start, 3.3 million EVs in these eight states seems a lot more doable.

Source: The Detroit News 


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