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#FIRSTFLIGHT For Solar Impulse 2 on Monday June, 2

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BREAKING NEWS from the Solar Impulse team: #FIRSTFLIGHT MONDAY June, 2 Solar Impulse 2 will be taking-off tomorrow for its maiden flight. It is a great moment for everyone who has built this revolutionary solar airplane. #Si2 has now been approved by the authorities, and is ready for this summer’s test flights. Keep an eye on the sky. What happens next depends on… the weather! For those of us on the west coast of the United States, the first flight will begin around 8:30 PM PDT on Sunday, June 1.

Follow Solar Impulse 2 #FirstFlight, I’ll Post All the Info ASAP!

Solar Impulse 2

Photo courtesy of Solar Impulse | © Solar Impulse 

Solar Impulse 2QUIZ ON #FIRSTFLIGHT — Test your knowledge of the project. Could you take the controls of Solar Impulse?

Try the Quiz

The folks over at Solar Impulse have brought us some interactive fun. It’s an enlightening quiz on the history of the Solar Impulse project and a few questions about the new technical specs. See how your score stacks up with the other fans of Solar Impulse 2, the #RTW Solar Airplane.

How much do you think the Si2 weighs? As much as a Tesla Model S, or maybe 3 panda bears? (That’s a give-away to one of the questions.)


All previous project badges remain available,
tracing each of Solar Impulse 1’s missions.
We’ve already done things that most specialists said were impossible — and we’re going to keep that pioneering spirit going. We have sponsors for the Round-the-World airplane, but not yet for our educational program, so every dollar counts. Your support will make a real difference.

Badge Up Here!

Your donations will help finance our educational activities (Hangout On Air with MIT, school visits …)! The shiny new Round-the-World badge will be available in a few weeks time.

Check out our new 93-page EV report, based on over 2,000 surveys collected from EV drivers in 49 of 50 US states, 26 European countries, and 9 Canadian provinces.

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