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Roush Enterprises, The Company Building Google’s Self-Driving Cars (We Think)

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google self driving car prototype

When Google announced its first completely self-driving car earlier this week, geek world blew up. Eyes popped out of their sockets. Record amounts of drool fell to the floor. Note: I may be exaggerating. However, I guarantee you that a lot of people went scrambling trying to figure out which Detroit manufacturer (the only hint Google gave) was building the cars (minus all the Google tech and software inside). Guesses started flying, but it didn’t take long for a supposed insider to spill the beans to Jalopnik Detroit.

Aside from the points Chris highlights on Gas2 (and in the repost below), the insider also told Jalopnik that “Roush employees have been making their way back and forth between Mountain View and Michigan as of late.” Also worth noting is Google’s response to Jalopnik: “These vehicles are a collaboration between the automotive talent of Michigan and the software and sensor expertise of Silicon Valley. The vehicles themselves have been assembled in a facility in Michigan — the self driving high tech parts are being assembled here in California. We are working with a number of top-notch automotive suppliers and technology companies. (We are not naming them at this point.)”

So, yes, Roush is very likely involved, but so are several other “top-notch” auto companies. For such an innovative car, this isn’t too surprising, is it? I’ll turn you over to Chris now:

Is Roush Building The Google Car? (via Gas 2.0)

Yesterday the fully autonomous Google Car made its world debut, but it turns out the car may have been built not by Google, but rather Roush Enterprises. That’s according to a tip received by Jalopnik, and apparently Google and Roush have been getting…

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  • Google’s concept of automated personal transport would not have to culminate into a boring, merely utilitarian meant vehicle. It can form the basis of an exciting, distinctive-looking Next-Gen auto-mobile. Perhaps in a couple of years, when the robo car has become accepted (it still needs to prove itself), people will ask the industry to bring back the fun anyway – the sheer pleasure of driving yourself. How would such a best of both worlds (self-driving or driven yourself) vehicle look like? Perhaps like this?

  • How extreme is the connectivity of Google cars? Would the NSA be able to track people this way? If not, I’m so excited to get one.

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