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$35,000 To Turn Tesla Model S Into 2-Door Coupe

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The Tesla Model S is an amazing, cutting-edge electric vehicle, and for some people the only problem is that it has two doors too many. Newport Convertible Engineering, the company building 100 Tesla Model S convertibles for an unnamed Chinese investor, is now offering Tesla Model S owners a two-door coupe conversion for the sum of $35,000…the projected cost of the Tesla Model E.

This new conversion follows another large order of customized Tesla Model S sedans from the same unnamed Chinese investor, and NCE is offering the conversion to other Model S owners as well. A total of 600 Tesla coupes and convertibles will be built, with 100 of each already spoken for. Want to go the next step and add a softtop convertible conversion? Tack on another $25,000, for a total of $60,000 (!!) Want a hardtop droptop? That will set you back $80,000, on top of the cost of your Tesla Model S.

Suffice to say, it might just be worth waiting for Tesla to come around and offer a coupe or convertible version from the factory. Then again, there’s no guarantee a two-door Tesla is in the works, and with just 600 units of each available, this is almost certainly a limited-time offer. Still, are two-fewer doors worth an extra $35,000?


Source: Newport Convertible Engineering

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  • GermanGuy

    Coupé Coupé Coupé … I saw both versions and it looks totally different and amazing as 2-door Coupé. I would spent the extra 35k. Maybe even more.

  • Wm Thomas Capps

    Average American will not be able to afford it.

    • Bob_Wallace


      The Average American can’t afford a yacht or condo on Central Park.

  • Brando

    they have 500 mile battery pack for model s but it wont come out for a few years as its pretty pricey

    • interesting. hadn’t seen that. link?

    • Wm Thomas Capps


  • Benjamin Nead

    I’m waiting for a replica of the Beverly Hillbillie’s car built on top of a
    Tesla S frame . . .

  • RoadAngel

    Near useless toy runnin’ on coal. (can’t see it from my house) Lithium ion grid stress/ storage device. Zero freedom machine. I will race any Tesla from Salt Lake City to San Francisco in a 74 Pinto and beat it by at least two days. (more in the winter) Donner Party – Tesla style. Pinto straight thru from SLC to SF – ten hours fifty eight minutes. Hey Tesla! – beat a Pinto first.

  • Cute idea. Unfortunately, to shorten the chassis you’d have to shorten the battery pack. This would require some serious engineering, and it would also reduce the car’s range.

    • Guest

      woulddnt more compact battery backs be available by around 4-5 years from now?

    • Kapil Sreedhar

      wouldn’t there be more compact and more efficient battery packs be available around 4 -5 years from now?

      • Yes, presumably there will be a smaller battery pack for Tesla’s Gen III sedan, scheduled to appear in 1017 or 2018, but this article refers to an aftermarket modification. It’s highly unlikely they’d be able to modify the battery. It is very complex.

    • Ronald Brakels

      I would presume they aren’t shortening the chassis and are just modifying the body. Not a terribly practical modification, but some people are willing to pay $3.50 to look different by clipping a little koala to their lapel and some people are willing to spend $35,000 or more by removing a couple of doors from an already distinctive car.

  • Johnny Le

    Would this void the warranty with Tesla?

    • Most likely (almost 100% sure)… but a good Q for Elon & JB’s next townhall. 😀

  • vperl

    Got two

  • danwat1234

    Oh how fun the reliability of a hard top convertible Model S will be.

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