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EV Sales Growing Faster Than Hybrid Sales Did

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Editor’s Note: We’ve written about the relatively fast growth of electric vehicle (EV) sales in the past, but a new report from market research firm IHS backs up that point again, showing that the exponential growth of EV sales has far surpassed initial growth of hybrid cars. I’ve got a few hunches why: 1) electric cars are far, far better than hybrids, 2) electric cars have several unique advantages that excite customers, 3) Tesla, 4) people were used to the idea of upgrading to a more efficient car thanks to hybrids, and electric cars are generally 2–5 times more efficient than gasmobiles and hybrids. Anyway, here’s some commentary from Chris DeMorro as well as the IHS press release:

EV Sales Progressing Faster Than Hybrids Did A Decade Ago (via Gas 2.0)

While EV sales still make up a small slice of the overall market, they are actually selling at a faster pace than the first generaton of hybrid cars. A new report from IHS Automotive shows that when you put the first three years of EV sales side by…

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  • Wayne Williamson

    Ok, just read an article here that had a 50k sales of the leaf award(family and all). Just wondering why this article is giving the 100k number. Also wondering if the 50k is US sales….still wondering;-)

    • EV Lover

      yes, 50k is referencing sales in the US and over 110k sales worldwide.

  • Tom G.

    In addition to all of the advantages stated above; you no longer have to go to a gas station. You just plug in at home and busy mom’s and dad’s enjoy that. But don’t worry, gas stations will be around for another 30-50 years and then to a lesser extent another 50 years beyond that.

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