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Mapping Fremont’s Journey To Sustainability (Infographic)

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Originally published on the ECOreport.

Mapping Fremont's Journey to Sustainability (Infogram)

Mapping Fremont’s Journey to Sustainability

Fremont, CA has been getting a lot of headlines lately. It has only been two months since it was revealed the little East Bay City issued more electric vehicle rebates than San Francisco! Fremont also attracts an unusually high number of cleantech and biotech firms. They have a payroll tax exemption offered by the City’s Clean Technology and Biotechnology Business Tax Exemption Ordinance. This is the home of Solaria corporation, Centrosolar AmericaPetersonDean, Tesla Motors, and many other well established corporations.

The city has just put out a cool infographic, mapping Fremont’s journey to sustainability back to mandatory recycling in 1995. Some of the highlights along the way include reducing solar fees (2006), a federal grant for LED lights (2009-2012), and the first EV rebate issued (2011).

It was released with a legislative event celebrating Fremont’s accomplishments in “Regional Transportation, Sustainability and Infrastructure.”

Fremont’s Warm Springs/South Fremont BART project is slated to create additional 12,000 new jobs and 3,000 new housing units in the next 26 years alone.


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  • Tom G.

    And Mac; imagine what could be accomplished if every city in America did this.

    All it would take is for us to set goals and objectives that lead us to “clean air to breath and water to drink.” Isn’t that basically what Fremont has done?

    Most Americans don’t understand the meaning of 400 ppm of CO2 on a mountaintop in Hawaii. To me the terms “Global Warming” and “Climate Change” are “Problem Statements” some set of goals and objectives to be achieved.

    People in America don’t respond well to problems. What the people will respond to are goals, objectives and things they feel empowered to do something about.

    O.K. getting down off my soap box now. Have a great day.

  • Mac


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