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“FOLKVÄNLIG” — IKEA Electric Bike

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Originally published on Gas2.


Swedish furniture maker IKEA has grown to include solar panels in select stores, and now it is adding electric bikes to its maze-like aisles as well. Two IKEA stores in Vienna, Austria will begin selling the FOLKVÄNLIG electric bicycle at a cost of €749, or about $1,023 dollars at today’s exchange rate.

The FOLKVÄNLIG is being offered in both male and female flavors, with an aluminum frame weighing about 60 pounds and a range of about 37 to 45 miles of pedal-assisted power between charges of the lithium-ion battery pack. Charging takes about five hours, but the 250 watt motor is hooked to a Shimano transmission with six different driving modes. IKEA Family members also get a €100 discount, making this IKEA e-bike that much more affordable. The question is, will it come in a flat-pack box?


While just a pilot program for now, people have proven willing to drop far more than a $1,000 on stuff they really don’t need at IKEA. The Swedish company has gone further than most in its efforts to go green, including installing a number of electric car stations at stores across the world. This e-bike is honestly one of the more useful things the Swedish company makes (says the guy who has at least a dozen IKEA pieces in his home at any one time). Should it prove successful, maybe IKEA will work some of its furniture know-how into a folding e-bike design for the cramped apartments of many major metros.

The IKEA FOLKVÄNLIG already has one of their unpronounceable names, and they’re even offering a two-year warranty so I’d say they’re already halfway there.

Source: IKEA

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  • Ronald Brakels

    It is 250 watts? Two years ago that would have counted as a motorcycle and been illegal in Australia, but now it is permissible, but it’s right at the limit of permissible power and will have to be limited to 25 km an hour. In Australia we’re willing to risk destroying a stable climate and killing who knows how many people, but we’re not willing to risk the danger of unconstrained electric bicycles.

  • No way

    Folk = like folk in folklore, vän = like van in minivan, lig = like lig in ligature

    folk-van-lig. 😛 or rather folk-vanlig.

    • heinbloed

      “FOLKVÄNLIG” stands for “people-friendly”, egg-head.

      Or in Latin: humanistic

      • No way

        Next time how about you think before you write a comment? 😉 What is the likelihood of a swedish word put together by parts of three english words? Oh wait… no it was a help with the pronunciation.

        Now say after me…. folk-van-lig. Now a bit faster…. Folk-vanlig. 😉

        Got it? Or should we do it again but a bit slower.

        • Swede

          Think before writing a comment? English words? “Vän” is NOT “van” – its “friend” in swedish and is pronounced like “when” but with a “v”. The rest of the word I have no time to explain.

          • No way

            *sigh*… the comment was about pronounciation. And it’s pronounced like the english word “van” and not like “when” with a “v”. Unless you’re from a part of the country that can’t say “ä” or have some other speech problem.

  • Kyle Field

    eye heart ikea

  • Benjamin Nead

    I saw the Gas2 article on this and it’s very exciting news. The only concern I expressed there was that I hoped a tubular steel fork set was to be paired with the rest of the aluminum frame. A visit to a couple of German e-bike sites confirmed that this is what IKEA is going to do with the Folkvanlig.

    A $1000 e-bike that has nice clean styling and a removable battery? This is exactly what so many people are looking for. I visited the IKEA web site yesterday and, in lieu of being able to send them an actual email, took their survey and inserted a plea in one of the comment fields to bring this thing to America.

    • Awesome. I pushed people to do exactly that. 😀 And great to hear from an expert like you that this seems like an excellent product. I had a hunch, but this is not my expertise.

      • Benjamin Nead

        I don’t know how much of an expert I am, Zach, other than getting on my own (standard pedal) bike every day for the ride to and fro work. But I’m certainly following trends in regards to the more affordable e-bikes that seem to be popping up out there.

        One thing I’m noticing about the Folkvanlig on the variety of web articles that suddenly appeared the other day is weight specifications that are being bounced around. One place says 25kgs, but another says 25lbs. I saw the 25lbs spec first and that certainly got me excited. Here, though, I’m noting 60lbs (ie: 27,21kgs.) and yeah, if that’s the actual weight, that’s pretty heavy.

        The e-bike most comparable to the Folkvanlig would probably be the Riide . . .

        More expensive ($1800,) but with a 350W motor, instead of IKEAs 250W unit, You can’t pop the battery off the frame on the Riide, as you can with the Folky (yeah, we’re all going to want to start abbreviating “Folkvanlig” sooner than later.)

        What really makes the Riide stand out, though, is that the whole thing weighs only around 35lbs (15.87kgs.) If the Folky can shed some weight (12 to 15lbs, say,), keep the removable battery and keep close to the existing $1K price point, they’ll do very well with it.

        • european law
          250W max
          25 Km/h max

          €749 vat included
          so it would be $749

        • yeah, i thought 60 lbs seemed a bit heavy. but didn’t have any perspective on that.

          i imagine the bike would be less in the US, but who knows how far IKEA actually tends to sell it…

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