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BMW i8 Hybrid Supercar — Production & Factory Photos

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Editor’s Note: You can say the BMW i8 is overpriced and doesn’t compare to the Tesla Model S. But you can’t say the i8 isn’t a beautiful work of art. You can say that BMW doesn’t “get” going electric as well as Tesla does, but you can’t deny that BMW is one of just a few large auto manufacturers that’s building plug-in cars from the ground up. You can say that using carbon fiber in cars isn’t worth the extra cost, but you can’t deny that carbon fiber is wicked light and pretty cool. Thanks to BMW, Design Boom, and Gas2, here’s a photo gallery of the BMW i8’s manufacturing process:

Super Gallery: Building the BMW i8 Hybrid Supercar (via Gas 2.0)

It’s as fast as it is futuristic looking, and the BMW i8 is a plug-in hybrid supercar that showcases what this new wave of automotive innovation is capable of. These behind-the-scenes photos show what it takes to put this amazing machine together…

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  • Wayne Williamson

    Yup, pretty cool.
    Its also interesting to see how human intensive carbon fiber is. Just wondering if they had used stamped aluminum what the diff in cost/diff in prod time/diff in strength would be….

  • JimBouton

    Very nice.

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