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Ben Affleck May Have A Hybrid Batmobile

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Ben Affleck is slated to be the next Batman, and the Batmobile could get a major overhaul too. A hybrid Batmobile? Even the Dark Knight is going green.

Yesterday director Zack Snyder tweeted the above teaser picture of the next Batmobile, and later revealed a more complete look of Bat’s new ride from what looks like a movie still. Far from the military-styling of Christian Bale’s Batmobile, Affleck’s ride look lower, sleeker, and more, dare I say, comic book-y? Looks aside, more interesting is word that the functional movie prop might shun the traditional V8 engine of Batmobiles past in favor of a gas-electric hybrid setup, according to Jalopnik’s unnamed sources.

A functional Batmobile is necessary for filming, and Batmobiles of the past often went with the tried-and-true small-block Chevy V8, even though some of them were supposedly turbine-powered. A few private a Batmobile concepts have gone even further, embracing clean-burning hydrogen fuel cells.


Hybrid cars are pretty hot right now though, and Affleck is an outspoken environmentalist, driving a $120,000 Lexus LS Hybrid and Toyota Prius, among other vehicles. Perhaps it was at his insistence that the Dark Knight embraced hybrid technology? I still think the Nissan Deltawing would make a better Batmobile, but I;ve obviously been over ruled.

We’ll find out more in 2016, when Snyder and Affleck make their big Batman debut…hopefully with a hybrid Batmobile in tow.

Source: Twitter | Jalopnik

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  • LookingForward

    Way to promote clean energy.
    Another one, I think I just saw a Tesla on Continuum in episode 5 or 6 of season 3.
    It was driven by the chauffeur of the character Alec, with Alec in the backseat, just before they both get there *sses kicked by his exgirlfriend, I love that chick!!!! 😛

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