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Published on May 18th, 2014 | by James Ayre


Elon Musk: There Will Need To Be Hundreds Of Gigafactories

May 18th, 2014 by  

When Elon Musk and the Tesla crew announced that they’d be building a battery “Gigafactory,” that really shook up with electric vehicle and investment world. A Gigafactory, wow! So, when Elon Musk just casually slipped out a comment that there would need to be hundreds of gigafactories, well, it’s hard to put even my own response into words. But, yes, if you believe there will be an electric vehicle revolution (as most of us here do), that’s what’s needed.

Here’s more info from an EV Obsession repost:

Elon Musk: Will Need Hundreds Of Gigafactories For EV Revolution (via EV Obsession)

It seems like practically anytime Elon Musk opens his mouth he says something newsworthy — speaking recently at the World Energy Innovation Forum in Fremont, California, he once again continued that trend (or perhaps blew it up?). The statement in…

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  • Don Murray

    A famous Chicago architect Daniel Burnham said, “Make no small plans; they have no magic to stir men’s blood.”

  • Transepoch

    I love the dual factory plan. Reminds me of the line from Contact “Why build one, when you can build two for twice the price?”

  • Wayne Williamson

    I have a feeling that this another one of his “wake up” calls to the rest of the world. Everyone says “but its so hard” and his response is “no its not” see.

  • Ross

    I look forward to when Elon is using the interplanetary Internet to send back instructions to earth from his office on Mars.

  • David miller

    I would like to see NM as the site. NM needs it more than the other states listed.

  • JamesWimberley

    What are Nissan’s battery plans? They are after all aiming to produce many more electric cars than Tesla.

  • knowknot

    Go, Elon!

  • spec9

    Go big or go home.

  • Matt

    While will need 100s, they will not all be building the same type battery. Home storage, grid storage, EVs have different trade offs.

    • Jouni Valkonen

      all variants of lithium-ion batteries are mostly similar enough that they can be produced within the same facility, but in different production lines. Of course, if there emerges completely new chemistries that are better suitable for storage, then it is different, but today it seems that the lithium-ion is the winning battery chemistry for both electric vehicles and electricity storage.

      E.g. Clean Technica has followed Aquion quite closely. Personally I do not believe that Aquion can deliver what it promises, but who can really predict the future of technology. 😀

      • Benjamin Nead

        There’s also news of this interesting battery . . .

        The developer, Power Japan Plus, claims their dual carbon Ryden battery has an energy density similar to today’s better standard chemisty lithium cells. But they can be discharged safely down to zero volts and back up to 100% capacity without damage, do that for 3000 cycles and at 20 times faster charging (!) than today’s cells.

        All that is extraordinary enough. But the dual carbon battery recycles cleaner than today’s lithium cells when it’s time for decommissioning and is far more adaptive to temperature extremes while in service (ie: the latter point essentially means retiring the liquid thermal management systems needed in today’s EVs) . . . and it can be manufactured in an existing lithium battery factories with a minimum of retooling. Hope it’s all true and we’re not talking another Envia .

        Power Japan Plus says it will operate under a licensing business model, providing technology and expertise to existing battery manufacturers to produce the Ryden battery. So, after Tesla builds one of it’s gigifactories in . . . uh . . . let’s say . . . Tucson, Arizona, and if the Ryden battery is not just smoke and mirrors, the gigafactory can switch over at the drop of a hat. 🙂

        • Jouni Valkonen

          That is true. I think that I can name a half dozen battery companies who have similar claims on battery breakthroughs. 😀

          My all time favorite is Rainer Partanen and his company Europositron:

      • Matt

        I was thinking more we would/might end up with some different chemistries; but maybe not. I think there is still a 50% shot the AMBRI will be real.

  • Jouni Valkonen

    If I got it correctly, The first gigafactory will be build into Reno, Nevada as it is close to Fermont, Palo Alto factory. The second gigafactory will be build into San Antonio, Texas, where Tesla is probably planning second car factory to be opened perhaps around in 2018.

    But indeed, Musk is right. World needs hundreds of gigafactories. First to satisfy electric car demand there is need for 200 of them. Then to satisfy energy storage markets there also need for similar quantity. I am not sure which markets will be larger in 2020’s. Electric car battery markets or energy storage markets? I would guess the latter!

    • Those are my guesses for states. If you’re right on cities, I’ll be sure to listen very closely to all your Tesla predictions. 😀

      • Jouni Valkonen

        agreed, that Tesla has not said officially anything yet, although Tesla has considered these locations. But this is how I would do if I was the CEO and largest owner of Tesla. 😀

        Tesla needs two gigafactories to be online by 2020. Because I think that Tesla is aiming very aggressive expansion that is probably unheard in the car manufacturing business. Tesla raised 2 billion capital for the first gigafactory so easily that it seems that markets will satisfy any need for capital what Tesla just dares to ask.

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