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TSLA Buy Time May Be Coming

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This winter was brutal, and not just the weather. TSLA looked as appealing as a possum’s peeper thanks to battery fire hype and quarterly performance that disappointed some analysts. Now we head into another dip.


No fires this time, but we do have the “disappointed analyst” factor again. Perfect! A review of Teslamondo’s portfolio reveals the bulk of TSLA shares were acquired in the valley of the shadow of death. Another acquisition of shares may be forthcoming, for the TSLA story remains intact. And most analysts have proven more reactionary than visionary, more livestock than shepherds. They graze on the same straw as the sheep, and step in the same piles. I scoff at thee!

Editor’s Note: Here’s a more recent TSLA stock price chart from the past month followed by one from the past year:

TSLA stock price

TSLA stock price 1 year

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  • Daryl Fortney

    I am thankful the ‘analysts and experts’ have no true insight nor exercise common sense. Their ultimately predictable behavior makes it easy for normal people with common sense to succeed in a market which otherwise favors big money.

  • Jonathan

    I’ll be adding more if it drops below 170, hopefully in the 160’s, then hold until at least Q1 2015 if it pops. I agree 260 was too high not to sell, but I’d rather miss trading opportunity on this one to be sure to own going into Gen 3.

  • Joseph Kool

    perfect time to sell was at $260. Why anyone held on to this stock at that point is ridiculous. Sometimes people invest with their heart and not their brain. Tesla is a joke and will never be successful outside of the peoples republic of California. Midwestern weather and roads will destroy those delicate ecofag cars within 5 years at most.

    • Bob_Wallace

      Is there someplace where one can short your stock?

  • teslaowner89

    Perfect time to buy when it was at 180 thank you wait a couple months it will right back yup there at 215+ and watch when they choose their state to build their gig factory and Panasonic goes into partnership which they already signed the letter of intent Tsla is the future of vehicles zero emissions fast engines, luxurious, and spacious!

    • jeffhre

      The perfect time to buy was at 41. What was that, about a year and a half ago? OK just checked the charts – my bad it was a few months less than that past.

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