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Published on May 10th, 2014 | by Sandy Dechert


US National Climate Assessment Is Direct, Stark

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Originally published on Planetsave.


National Climate Assessment Pulls No Punches About US Options (via Planetsave)

(All figures are from the 2014 National Climate Assessment draft.) Later today (Tuesday, May 6), at 8 a.m. EDT, the National Climate Assessment and Development Advisory Committee of experts meets by conference call to approve the final version of the…

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  • jburt56

    No problem, just install 100 TWpeak of solar.

  • Matt

    OK US this makes it crystal clear. Now is the time for action.
    – Cut all government support to oil/gas/coal
    – Enact a national carbon tax. Any exported NG/oil/coal should be taxed triple, this include fuel transported thru the country.
    – For all fossil extracted from public land, raise royal to triple it current cost or 25% of the highest that item sold for over a 6 month period one quarter back (make the calculation easy). Any company who doesn’t like the increase can stop extraction, and begin restoration.
    – Raise gas tax so gas is at least $5 gallon.
    – 30% of raised funds go to make public buildings (that include you local school) more energy efficient and to support public transportation.
    – 70% a cash paid equally to each dependent on fed tax form.
    – Force Fannie/Freddy Mac to accept the refine PACE program across the whole nation. They are not private corps, as we have already seen they only extract proofs, all risk is held by tax payers.
    – A ramped PTC for on shore wind until 2025 and off shore 2035
    – Change PV tax rebate to a FIT, that is adjusted by region based since different amounts of sun hit Key West and Portland.

    Oh wait what was I thinking, we don’t have a National NRG policy, except make the rich richer.

    • “Oh wait what was I thinking, we don’t have a National NRG policy, except make the rich richer.”

      And there’s the simple problem. Money runs politics & policy….

      • Ross

        Unabated Global Warming will increasingly hurt investment returns. The rich would be foolish to ignore that.

      • Bob_Wallace

        Reducing the role of money in our political process is the next large problem that the country needs to address.

        It’s going to be a long, hard slog similar to rights, health care and other major campaigns. But if we want to retain a democracy and not totally turn into an oligarchy we’re going to have to solve the money problem.

    • Green Globe

      Ha, ha. You can stop dreaming.


  • Chris Marshalk

    The Australian Liberal governed doesn’t belive in climate change. How backwards is our monkey Aussie government. Disgraceful & I’m embarrassed by our narrow minded politicians.

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