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Tesla Model S Giveaway On eBay

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eBay Garage is running a sweepstakes to give away a 2014 Tesla Model S. You just have to be a resident of the US, 18 years of age or older, and a registered member of eBay to participate. The contest runs until May 16 of this year. No purchase is required to enter and making a purchase will not increase the chances of winning. You enter by creating an eBay Garage profile. A random drawing will be conducted on May 27, 2014 to determine the winners.


The approximate retail value of the Model S is $102,170. The other prizes are not quite as plush: eBay gift cards valued at $100. (You can’t blame them for skimping on the lesser awards with such a large grand prize.) The Tesla winner must have a valid driver’s license and valid insurance to receive the vehicle. Also, any fees such as registration will be paid by the winner, as well as taxes.

According to About, sweepstakes winnings are taxed as other income and could bump the winner up a tax bracket. Generally speaking, if the tax rate was about 33%, then the tax payment would be somewhere around +$30,000. This is not a trivial amount and its size begs the question: how many people who won the grand prize could afford the tax payment? Whomever wins it might have to sell it in order to pay taxes. (This statement is not meant to be a downer, but it must be said.) Even with a sale, however, the profit might be over $60,000-70,000, so such a win would be extremely welcome to most people.

One potential scenario if a sale transpired would be to invest the profit until the Tesla compact EV comes out and then buy one of those and have $20,000 or so left over.

The most favorable outcome would be that the vehicle goes to a Tesla or EV enthusiast who can afford it and gets to drive a zero-emissions, state-of-the art head turning, enjoyable car. eBay’s marketing team deserves a pat on the back for choosing the Model S — they could have selected a gas-guzzling mega-SUV with spinner wheels.

If you have any questions about EVs, check out CleanTechnica’s electric cars page.

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  • TedKidd

    Who won?

    • TedKidd

      Who won? EBay scam us??

  • CaptD

    In 3 weeks someone is going to be very happy!
    I hope winner gets to shake Elon Musk’s hand!

  • CaptD

    Far better chance of winning that playing a state lottery and it cost nothing to enter!
    Thanks to both eBay and Tesla…

  • Byron Meinerth

    It’s not the person who wins the car who matters. It’ll be the multitude of people who sign up for this, don’t win, get bummed out, and begin to realize that driving an EV is a more pleasurable experience than whatever ICE vehicle they’ve been driving.

  • Matt

    Ok now you can get a Tesla anywhere in the USA. There is a story in Cin Ohio! I finally get to drive one!

  • Robin Pilger

    “This is not a trivial amount and its size begs the question….”

    No it does not. See:

  • Tesla Fan

    best car ever!

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