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Published on April 28th, 2014 | by Derek Markham


New System Of Open Source Smart House Building Blocks (VIDEO)

April 28th, 2014 by  

Originally published on Ecopreneurist


If you’d like to start turning your home into a smart house, but are overwhelmed by the seemingly complex solutions offered for smart home technology, a new system of open source wireless building blocks promises to give anything in your home a higher IQ.

The smart house of the future might include intelligent lighting, smart appliances, connected outlets, and wirelessly-controlled locks and windows, but until an affordable and simple whole house smart home setup hits the market, most of us will have to stick to implementing point-of-use solutions, and the AngelBlocks system might be a good place to start.

The system is described as “the most flexible and comprehensive wireless home automation system on the planet,” because it can be set up to work with just about any aspect of your home, from people to pets to plants to power. AngelBlocks uses a single gateway device to serve as the internet-connected hub for individual modules, which can be deployed for a wide variety of applications in a smart house, from monitoring and security to lighting rooms and locking doors.

“Unlike home automation systems that work with lights and other appliances, AngelBlock can automate any “thing”. Push an AngelBlock into your plant soil and the next time your plant’s thirsty, it’ll ask for a drink. Instantly know when your mail arrives by monitoring for changes in light, motion detection, or magnetic closure. Discourage your dog from getting into the trash and when they succeed, get a text message with the bad news.

AngelBlocks is self contained and requires no monthly fees to connection to a cloud server, protecting your privacy and greatly improving security. They work with or without the Internet, ensuring your life still functions if your things lose Internet connectivity.”

If you’ve already integrated some smart technology into your house, or are contemplating adding some in the future, AngelBlocks integrates with WeMo, Ninja, Philips Hue, and RadioThermoStat right out of the box, and an add-on to the gateway will add support for Z-Wave and Zigbee, so these smart home devices can be used to “augment the intelligent behavior of the system” you already have.

Get the full scoop on these smart house building blocks from the Kickstarter campaign page or the website. 


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