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Published on April 25th, 2014 | by NRDC


10x More Solar Power Coming To New York With Expansion of State Program

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Originally published on Natural Resources Defense Council website.

Governor’s Extension of NY-Sun Initiative Will Mean Thousands of Jobs, Less Climate Pollution

NEW YORK (April 24, 2014) — The Cuomo administration today took the final step in approving a major expansion of the state’s NY-Sun Initiative—a program that is successfully boosting solar power across the state—extending it through 2023 and supporting a tenfold increase in the clean energy source.

A statement from NRDC Clean Energy Counsel Kit Kennedy follows:

“In just two years, New York has gone from a couple hundred rooftops with solar panels statewide to breaking into the top 10 spot for solar installations nationwide. Already, solar power is helping to fight climate change, creating thousands of good-paying jobs in the state, and saving New Yorkers millions on their energy bills. That’s just the start. This expansion will help exponentially increase that progress—taking us to a level never before seen in the state, and cementing New York as a national leader on solar power.”


When the NY-Sun Initiative was launched in 2012 with the intention of making New York a national leader on solar energy, there weren’t much more than a couple hundred rooftop installations in the state.

Now there are more than 250 megawatts of solar power installed in the state—a 150% increase since 2011 and enough to power nearly 40,000 homes. New York has gone from being ranked #12 in solar nationwide, to breaking the Top 10 at #9 in solar energy. The state has also taken the #5 spot nationwide for solar jobs with well over 400 solar companies employing over 5,000 New Yorkers.

The expansion announced today is projected to take this success to another level with the following projected environmental & economic benefits for the state:

  • Building 3,000 MW of solar power, enough reliable clean electricity to power nearly half a million New York homes.
  • Reducing climate change pollution by another 2.3 million tons annually—the equivalent of taking almost 450,000 cars off the road
  • Supporting nearly 10,000 local jobs at its height in a given year (or 52,000 total job-years for the duration of the program)
  • Generating a total of over $8.2 billion in local economic activity and output over the course of the program
  • Energy savings worth hundreds of millions of dollars to New York consumers
  • A more diversified state energy mix, which protects against price spikes

For more information, check out Kit Kennedy’s blog here:

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  • Quintin Bullis

    that’s all fine and dandy for some installers,, but not for all installers the programs only select certain contractors to do the installer’s while the few who don’t qualify starve for the work,, can’;t even sell our solar hot water heating systems in our area, binghamton,ny,, and the program around here has an installer doing all the work and letting nobody else in the program to do installs. so where’s the jobs,, don’t get me wrong, i’m all for solar,, but not when it puts limits and restricts all installers from getting into the program.

  • Phil McCracken

    This is encouraging news and NYC should lead the nation ever farther.
    ConEd should lease thousands of acres of unused flat rooftops that exist throughout the five boroughs. Instead of upgrading existing coal or oil plants to natural gas, they install a few GW of solar power and then shut those most polluting plants down.
    Landlords who lease their roof would get property tax relief paid for by selling solar electricity to consumers at market rates. As the solar panels increase, so does the clean power ConEd can sell at a profit. And our air gets a lot cleaner.

  • Will E

    there is no end of Solar Energy supply.
    New York can put Solar capacity up to 200 % or more and export to other States
    and make a lot of DOLLARS.
    State of New York can be the future Kuwait of the USA. ban gas cars in Manhattan,
    to use the store the electric power for transport,
    and electric heating for housing by heat pump.
    New York Fossil Free.

    • Bob_Wallace

      Check back in a couple days, Will.

      I’ll try to remember to reactivate you.

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