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Is This Porsche The Worst Car Ever? (VIDEO)

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Yikes, Porsche, make this guy happy and send that car to the scrapyard!

Update: looks like Porsche has given in following 1 million+ views on the video above.

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  • Bob Fearn

    Unfortunately this driver succumbed to the Porsche macho myth while ignoring the state of planet earth. If he is older and wiser now he might consider a plug-in hybrid, a Leaf or wait a bit for a less expensive Tesla.

    • Bob_Wallace

      If he gets his money back from Porsche he would have about enough to but a Tesla.

    • J_JamesM

      “Ignoring the state of planet earth” is a bit hyperbolic, isn’t it? This Porsche is way, way, waaaaaaaay greener than the most environmentally-conscious VW beetles and buses driven by the radicals back in the ’60s.

      • Bob_Wallace

        That’s a strange comparison. Why would one compare current tech with what was available 50 years ago? Like:like, please.

        • J_JamesM

          I was just trying to put things in perspective. I think the freakout was a bit over the top- choosing to drive a Porsche does not a Gaia-betrayer make. Those beetles and classics you still see driving around? FAR worse.

          Although, come to think of it, what exactly does this have to do with the environment? Like, at all? Not that I mind, it just seems a bit off topic.

          • Bob_Wallace

            It doesn’t seem very related to me.

            More of a concern about self-driving cars.

            A friend of mine bought the first VW Bug any of us had seen. Very early 1960s. Gas mileage was incredibly better than the Fords, Chevys, Pontiacs and Oldsmobiles we were driving. It was the car that started us thinking about gas mileage. Up until then we just assumed that a lot of our earnings went into the gas tank.

            (I was driving a bored and stroked flat head Ford V8 with dual four barrel Holleys.) Sometimes I could make it from gas station to gas station.)

          • J_JamesM

            See? Everything is relative, that’s what I was trying to get across.

        • J_JamesM

          As for a like:like comparison, the 2013 Porsche 911 gets 20 city and 28 highway MPG. That’s not spectacular, but it’s still a pretty fair figure.

        • Deven Foskey

          EVs were available 50 years ago.

          • Bob_Wallace

            There was an electric car that ran on a track in 1834. The first practical electric car with rechargeable batteries appeared in 1859.

            What’s your point?

  • Larry

    Electrical system major short. It would probably take a team of technicians at least 2 days to find it. All modern autos have a balanced electrical system which if shorted out somewhere leads to all kinds of “fun”. I’d expect this from a Chrysler product (had a K car back in the early 90s that did similar things. Took the Dealership technician a full day and several calls to the factory to ultimately find the piece of solder in a taillight socket.] but a Porsche?????

    • Bob_Wallace

      Time to move to single wire systems. Make each device/gadget/light smart.

  • Wayne Williamson

    Not sure why the video is here, but I enjoyed it. Also enjoyed his followup one….

  • J_JamesM

    This car doesn’t need a mechanic, it needs an exorcist.

  • Benjamin Nead

    This story summarizes my greatest fear in regards to the increased “electronification” of our automobiles and everyone’s current favorite, the self-driving car. Could you imagine how much worse this scenario would be if this car “with a mind of its own” would suddenly decide to start up and drive away unattended anytime it felt? . . . or decide – while crossing a suspension bridge over water with passengers aboard – that it might be a good time to “go swimming?”

    Let’s continue to replace gasoline engines with electric motors in our new cars. But let’s also please insist that increasing complexity in the vehicle’s electronic support systems should not always have to go hand in hand with this. An electric car doesn’t necessarily have to be an “electronified” car.

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