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Chinese Investor Orders 100 Tesla Model S Convertibles

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By Christopher DeMorro.


There isn’t yet a convertible version of the Tesla Model S, but Newport Convertible Engineering will turn your Tesla into a droptop for $29,000. And according to NCE, a wealthy Chinese investor has ordered 100 Model S convertibles, lending credence to Elon Musk’s claim that China could become Tesla’s biggest market.

Newport Convertible Engineering is no stranger to hybrids, offering convertible versions of just about every car on the market, including the Cadillac ELR. But taking a Tesla and chopping off the roof is an entirely different story, and it took NCE six months to develop soft top ($29,900) and hardtop ($49,900) versions of the Tesla Model S. Keep in mind that is in addition to the cost of a Model S, which starts at $70,000 in America but $121,000 in China.

So far, Tesla hasn’t offered any variant on the Model S besides the sedan, though renderings of a coupe have caused quite a stir on the internet. If you want a Tesla convertible, your only option is the out-of-production Tesla Roadster. However, NCE claims to have orders for 100 of their droptop conversions from China, where the first Tesla store has also become the busiest in the world. Renewed interest in EVs in China has orders are reportedly pouring for companies like BYD, and there is obviously a demand for convertible models as well.

This has NCE calling on Tesla to join them in producing some 5,000 Tesla convertibles to meet demand, though Musk hasn’t mentioned anything of the sort. NCE is saying a big announcement will be coming on April 18th though, which happens to be the opening day of the New York Auto Show. Perhaps we’ll get more than just photoshopped images of a Tesla Model S convertible, though this is perhaps the best argument for a two-door variant.

Source: Newport Convertible Engineering | Carscoops

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  • CaptD

    This is great news for the rest of US, because once high quality custom versions of Tesla’s start getting manufactured then not only will the “customized” prices fall but many more wealthy people will get interested in owning eVehicles, which intern will result in ever more charging stations being installed that everybody else can also use.

    I bet we will see China now establish a system of Supercharging stations similar to the one in the USA, that now allows Tesla owners to actually drive across country.

    China needs to start making eVehicles ASAP if they want to clean up their air quality because only electricity generated by renewable sources like Solar of all flavors comes with no major downside like using Coal or Nuclear which each have their own environmental hazards to deal with.

  • Ronald Brakels

    The fact that they want 100 convertable Teslas at a considerable mark up suggests they are expecting a huge demand for Teslas in general. Particularly since China doesn’t strike me as being the greatest place for lid down driving.

    • CaptD

      I bet the investor not only makes a bundle, since having a “custom” eVehicle in hand is worth much more since the new owners can “drive them away”but will also establish that investor as THE custom Tesla dealer in Asia!

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