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Published on April 10th, 2014 | by Nicholas Brown


UK Solar Developer Connected 227 MW Of PV Solar Systems In March

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Originally published on Kompulsa.

33MW solar power plant.

Image Credit: Lightsource Renewable Energy.

In March alone, Lightsource Renewable Energy connected 26 photovoltaic solar farms amounting to 227 MW in the United Kingdom. This wasn’t a normal month, though — the UK’s renewable subsidies program for large-scale solar systems was going to be cut on April 1. So, the projects were completed just in time.

The UK photovoltaic solar market has been enjoying a boom lately, and it saw record-breaking growth in the first quarter of 2014.

Below, Nick Boyle, the CEO of Lightsource, describes the company’s record-breaking month, and how they used helicopters to squeeze 16 solar system connections into one week.

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  • Bob_Wallace

    A little something I found…

    In 2009 the UK consumed 351.8 billion kWh of electricity.

    Under optimal conditions (south facing, no shade) a 4 kWh solar panel system (large home system) can produce 3,433.60 kWh per year and takes up 25.72 m2 of space.

    This means the UK would need 102,458,062 of these installations to meet all power needs.

    These would take up 2.63522135 X 109 m2 of space which works out to 2,635 km2.

    The UK is 244,820 km2.

    So the UK would need to devote 1% of total land area to solar panels to meet all power needs.

    Not that the UK would ever attempt to get 100% of its electricity from solar. Perhaps 20% to 25%. Makes more sense to tap their excellent offshore wind and trade some of that for solar from sunnier places.

  • Matt

    So the farms averaged 9MWs each. I read that as limited space for large PV farms in UK. Which leave roofs and parking lots, which of course mean that utilities are not in the game.

  • Keith

    Subsides program wasn’t terminated just reduced from 1.6 ROCs to 1.4 ROCs.

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