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Published on April 9th, 2014 | by Zachary Shahan


100,000 More Solar Roofs In Netherlands In 2013, Another 100,000 Targeted For 2014

April 9th, 2014 by  

Originally published on Solar Love.

Netherlands Aiming For 100,000 More Solar Roofs In 1 Year (via Solar Love)

The Dutch solar market saw good growth, approximately doubling from about 100,000 solar roofs to about 200,000 solar roofs. In 2014, the aim is to reach about 300,000. To be exact, 101,326 new installations were registered in 2013, mostly on private…

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  • Matt

    So in 2013 Holland doubles number of installed system. That is as many as had been installed before 2013. Then “best” guess is install in 2014 will be flat?
    – 300 additional installers hired in 2013 will not get more done working a whole year.
    – will not be any more installers hired.

    Wouldn’t a more likely guess be that there will be some growth in 2014 over 2013? Or are there “new” political factors coming into play?

  • Will E

    thank you for this positive item Zachary

    That is what I like about you,
    you also include inniminniminytiny countries in your news.
    The Netherlands is not Sunny State, yet we make a huge profit on Solar.
    Homegrown, clean profit, every day.
    I have Solar with heat pump, gas disconnected, zero co2, zero energy bill
    make a 3000 euro a year for more than 20 year.
    I did pay 250 euro a month
    what is happening in US with Sunny States Florida, California, Colorado.
    Yesterday a Chinese Solar Company offered me Solar all in system for
    0,50 US dollar a kWh. BestSun, solar price jump down.
    you can order this system also in the US and install this Solar all in system for 0,50 dollar a kWh.
    In the Netherlands the output is about 1 kWh to 1 kWh
    In Sunny States the output is about 1 kWh to 4 kWh
    so your profit gain is 4 times more,
    dazzling profits,
    wish I live in a US Sunny State.

    • Mahdi

      Errata: 1 kW in FV panels => 1 MWh/year (in cloudy, rainy Netherland)
      1 kW in FV panels => 3-4 MWh/ year (in sun belt states, great correlation with air condition)

  • Hans


    The article talks about registered systems. There are however many unregistrered systems. The Netherlands allow net-metering in it’s simplest form. As long if you got an old-fashioned Feraris meter (the one with the turning disk) your production is automatically substracted from your consumption. There is no law forcing you to register. Registration is only necessary to get subsidy, but the bureaucratic process is cumbersome and with the current low systems prices subsidy is superfluous, so many people just install a system and avoid the paperwork. As a consequence there are no clear data on actually installed systems, only educated guesses.

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