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Tesla Model S Is Best Selling Car In Norway — Busts Norway’s Monthly Sales Record… For Any Car

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Norway may seem like an odd place for electric cars to thrive, but the 1,493 Tesla Model S new registrations last month set a new single-model sales record. That’s more than sales of the two next-best selling models, the Volkswagen Golf and Nissan Leaf, combined. In fact, so far this year, the Tesla Model S is the best-selling car in a cold country that has quickly warmed to electric vehicles.

While the Tesla Model S has been on top of the Norwegian sales charts before, the 1,493 new registrations in March beat out long-standing sales record from 1986, when the Ford Sierra was top dog. The Tesla Model S also trounced the 625 units of the Volkswagen Golf, formerly Norway’s favorite car, and the Nissan Leaf, which also benefits from the generous tax incentives the country showers on EV buyers.

March sales of the Model S helped rocket the Tesla to the top of the sales chart for the year, with the electric luxury sedan leading new car sales so far in 2014. This huge sales surge most likely comes from a recent spate of deliveries to long-waiting customers, and is thus unlikely to last. But given that the Model S has almost 30% more yearly sales so far than the Golf, Tesla has a nice cushion to pad its sales lead.

The Tesla takeover of Norway is well underway, and Elon Musk is gifting them another 50 to 75 Superchargers for their support. So what country will fall under the spell of electric vehicles next? Ireland? Israel? China? Only Elon Musk seems to know.

Source: Jalopnik

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  • EV docmaker

    The article is wrong the plan is for 50 Superchargers for Germany. Norway has about 10 or less it covers the country fine.

  • No way

    50-75 superchargers in Norway? When? What is the source of that statement?

    They would surely both deserve and need them but so far the juice seem to have run out on the super charger building. There has been very little action lately and they are running way behind on the schedules that they have set out to follow according to statements and information given.

    • Offgridmanpolktn

      Perhaps the 50-75 for Norway is a misprint, because according to their (Tesla) site update today that is close to the build out plans for Europe this year. The current map shows the operating stations that are available in Norway now. Also stated is that like any construction the establishment of these supercharge sites for this year are waiting for the weather to improve. Would you want to be working outside in the snow and rain on high voltage electrical connections?
      And finally if you are asking as a Tesla owner, there is a link to submit a request for a station to be built in your area. Most likely the more requests for a station that come from increasing numbers of owners the sooner you will get a neighborhood station.

      • Yes, I think that must be for Europe as a whole.

        Interesting note on how to get a station.

      • Bob_Wallace

        Got to be a misprint. That’s far too many superchargers for a country that small. 50 – 75 would be a good first step for covering Europe. It would allow driving anywhere in western Europe.

        That’s about the number now in the US. With that number stations one can drive up and down the east and west coasts and across country.

        • David Stålström

          They might mean the chargers itself, not the stations. There are usually 6 chargers in each supercharging station – that would mean 8-12 new superchargers in Norway, in addition to the current 6.

          • Bob_Wallace

            That would make more sense.

          • No way

            Good thinking. And 10-12 more stations is what they have been “promising” when the expansion starts in Europe this year.
            (the talk have been 10-12 more in Norway, 10-12 in Sweden, 5 in Denmark, at least 60 in Germany and then quite a few more to cover trips through France, Spain and England etc. in 2014).

  • Marat Goferman

    for some reason Tesla doesn’t sell cars in Israel at all

    • No way

      Israel would be a great country to sell EV’s in. You could drive from one end of the country to the other in a charge with a Tesla and there is little reason to try to go on roadtrips through neighboring countries 😉
      A decent economy and interest in technology will of course help too.

      • Johnny Le

        Israel doesn’t want to use oil but from what I understand, it doesn’t give any incentives or subsidies for EVs.

        • Bob_Wallace

          They supported Better Place battery swap stations (I think).

          But the bigger news out of Israel is it looks like the first Hyperloop will get built there next year.

          If so, they will be turning a six hour drive into a 7:06 minute zip.

          • Johnny Le

            Sorry, Bob, that’s an April fool joke. No hyperloop 🙁

            As for Better Place, Israel didn’t support it financially. It has to build the infrastructure on its own, from swapping stations to street chargers. That’s one of the reasons it used up its funding so fast.

          • Bob_Wallace

            They got me.

            I failed to read down to the ‘four days late’.


    • Taking some time for Tesla to get the logistics worked out for delivering cars to other countries. It’s going in logical order — US, most of Europe, China. Will get there eventually.

      • No way

        So true… but Israel must be on the top list for where to go next with Singapore, South Korea and some oilrich countries like Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

        • jernfrost

          Why would oil rich countries like Qatar and Saudi Arabia care? Tesla sells well in places like Calefornia and Norway were people are not just rich but are also liberal and care about the environment. Never been to Qatar and Saudi Arabia, so I might be wrong, but I never had the impression that they were liberal tree huggers there 😉

    • Bob_Wallace

      It’s a new, small country. It has to limit markets initially.

      • jernfrost

        There are less people living in Norway. But of course Norway is a much richer country so that makes some difference.

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