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Americans Overwhelmingly Support Wind Power

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Originally published on AWEA.
By David Ward

American-made wind power has long enjoyed popular support across the country. There’s even evidence to suggest that the more wind power there is in a state, the more support wind power receives.

It was surprising then to read recently a claim by the anti-clean energy Heartland Institute that wind power and other renewables’ favorability was on the decline. Let’s look at some examples that say the exact opposite:

Photo Credit: Kim Chelius

It’s not surprising that this is the case. On top of providing clean, homegrown energy, wind power attracts a tremendous amount of economic benefits. Wind power fosters economic development in all 50 states, drives up to $25 billion a year in private investment to our national economy, has recently supported 80,000 good-paying jobs — 25,000 of which help make up a domestic manufacturing supply chain with over 550 facilities across 44 states — and it saves American consumers money. In fact, the states that use the most wind energy have seen their electricity prices decrease while all other states comparatively have seen their electricity prices increase.

Plus, not only is 72 percent of a wind turbine’s value now made in the USA, compared to 25 percent in 2005, the cost of wind energy dropped 43 percent over the last four years.

Wind power is an American success story that both Republicans and Democrats can be proud of. It’s no wonder that bipartisan coalitions in both the House and the Senate are calling for both the Production Tax Credit and the Investment Tax Credit to be extended.

It’s time for Congress to listen to America and keep our success story going.

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  • Peter Gray

    How about a link to the actual Heartland report. All I find here and through AWEA is a site debunking Heartland. That’s fine, but I think we’re adult enough to read the original thing.

  • Peter Gray

    Thanks for such a good-news story. I got some good insights and some laughs along the way…

    “There’s even evidence to suggest that the more wind power there is in a state, the more support wind power receives.”

    That tells us a couple of things: 1) The fear-mongers and NIMBYs are heard at first, but when their claims don’t stand up to firsthand experience, people soon accept and then take pride in the local turbines. That happened in my town, which now has a large wind farm to the east and one to the west. 2) The employment, tax revenue, and other local/regional benefits create a political constituency that in this case works to the general benefit, in contrast to the effects of coal in WV (excellent article here:

    After reading about how the coal industry convinced West Virginians that they account for about 15% of state employment, when the reality is 3%, I thought of this owl that wandered into our goose pen years ago and needed my help to get back out (hmm… I tried inserting a graphic, but it doesn’t seem to show up – try here if you want to see it:

    “It was surprising then to read recently a claim by the anti-clean energy Heartland Institute that wind power and other renewables’ favorability was on the decline.”

    Considering the source, no, that’s not a bit surprising. But we should all keep that claim, and a package of reality-based information, handy to display for any friends or acquaintances who are inclined to believe _anything_ from that sleazy outfit.

    • A Real Libertarian

      Here it is:

      • Peter Gray

        What were you trying to link to?

        • A Real Libertarian

          Your picture.

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