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BMW i8 Comes With “Supercar Sounds” (VIDEO)

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On paper, the BMW i8 certainly looks like a supercar. But how does a 3-cylinder plug-in hybrid supercar sound? Freakin’ fantastic, as it turns out.

While the BMW i8 doesn’t hit dealerships until later in the year, it’s become one of the most anticipated cars of the year. Using a three-cylinder generator paired with two electric motors, the BMW i8 churns out 357 horsepower, which blasts it from 0 to 60 MPH in just 4.4 seconds. That’s all well and good, but one of the main reasons people buy fast, expensive cars is for the sound.

That’s why BMW engineers included what they call an Active Sound Design system, which enhances the interior sound of the engine to provide that deep-throated growl buyers expect. While drivers won’t be able to deactivate the system, the video above shows the throaty 3-cylinder doesn’t need much help in the sound department.

Oh, and let’s not gloss over the fact that the BMW i8 has one of the coolest gauge clusters ever put into a production car. That is some serious sci-fi shit right there.

Source: Bimmerpost

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  • Big B

    For all of you who say I8 is the future of Car enthusiasts

    BMW I8 is not the Future

    BMW I8 is the Requiem of a golden Era in a beautiful Sport that was the lovechild of human’s passion for this Chariot of the Gods (Car) and Mechanical Engineering, that is approaching its demise thanks to the stupid authorities and greedy manufacturers who rather have more profit coming form the simpletons who believe in this so called “Electric Future” or “Hybrid Future” and cannot or do not want to try other better solutions like Hydrogen as a replacement fuel or teaching people how to behave more economically & etc …

    • Bob_Wallace

      Lordy, lordy, lordy….

      Someone else who doesn’t know the economics of driving on hydrogen.

      Here’s a hint, Big B. The vice president of Toyota stated that it costs 17 cents a mile to fuel their hydrogen fuel cell Mirai.

      It cost 4 cents to drive an EV a mile using 12 cent per kWh electricity.

      • Big B

        Because No body is investing in it !

        What do you think Oil and Gasoline are granted to you by Angels of Heaven ?!

        • Bob_Wallace


          No one is investing in hydrogen? Hydrogen generation is a mature industry.

          As far as fuel cell vehicles, companies like Toyota and Honda have invested billions in FCEVs.

          • Big B

            Not fuel cell, i’m talking about actually using it as a combustible Fuel, like CNG .

          • Bob_Wallace

            That’s an even dumber idea. Fuel cells are a lot more efficient than ICEs.

  • Big B

    So let me get this straight :

    You pay the price of a Fully loaded 911 Turbo S (even more) for a stupid looking piece of garbage that screams “Tree Hugger” and has the sound of a Pizzaboy’s scooter bike and is defeated in every aspect of performance by an entry level 911 that is almost half the price of this car, Just so you could buy a 3 cylinder lackluster dung that tricks you into believing it’s a supercar by playing the illegally downloaded soundtrack of another Supercar’s engine ?!!!

    Pure Rubbish, and Nonsense and Ridiculous at the same time !!!

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