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Solar & Electrified Vehicle News Roundup (Tesla Stock & Models, Chevy Volt App, Bill Maher on Solar, Etc.)

March 24th, 2014 by  

I spent most of the weekend covering a bunch of stories I’ve been wanting covered but no one has been able to get to, as well as a few new stories that popped up. Of course, CleanTechnica doesn’t have an infinite budget, which is one key reason I started a few other sites about a year and a half ago, and that’s where I published most of these stories.

Rather than repost them all, I decided I’d get back to doing some roundup posts. Click on through to read the stories below that interest you (ahem, all of them! 😀 ):

Solar Energy

Why People Go Solar (Not For Dolphin Babies)

Yingli Lands Largest Order To Date In Israel & Middle East

Greece Cuts Feed-in Tariffs 30% Retroactively

Bill Maher Nails The Difference Between Republican & Democratic Messaging, + Solar Energy Messaging Tip (VIDEO)

Electrified Vehicles

tesla model e

Tesla Model E?

Is Tesla Stock Worth $65, $320, $229, or… ?

Chart of Potential Tesla Models (A to Z)

Tesla To Open Battery Swapping Stations Within “Next Few Months,” Elon Musk Says

NJ Tesla Supercharger Project Stopped — Concern That Children In Bookshop Could Be Burned From Car Company Handling Electricity?

New Chevy Volt App

BMW X5 eDrive Test Drive Review

Nissan Building Smaller, Cheaper LEAF For India

1st Smart Electric Vehicle Charging Trial Launched In London

Other Fun Stuff

This Little Candleholder Reincarnates Your Candle Almost Infinitely… Well, Sort of

Biker Lands On Mattress After Bike Knocked Out From Under Him By Said Mattress


And we’ve got a full day+ of other solar, EV, etc. stories scheduled throughout the coming 36 hours or so, so stay tuned!

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  • Corey Lynn

    Tesla cried about every single thing, TG included. IE: Look at the CEO’s Twitter. First the NY times Review, then Top Gear, Then the Laws, The the Space Companies Monopoly. What next? The man goes to Twitter every time he’s butt hurt. At least his fans eat it up. Looks like some people are looking for a Steve Jobs replacement. Only difference is Steve made money, not lost that.

    • Bob_Wallace

      And Steve Jobs didn’t defend Apple?

      Read some history.

      • A Real Libertarian


  • Sojo

    Great articles Zachary! Elon has recently denounced the Bloomberg article about Tesla contributing to “Dirty Rain”, which got me looking into natural and synthetic graphite. Elon hasn’t yet responded about where his suppliers from Japan source the graphite for the anode, but I haven’t found any “clean” production methods of purifying natural graphite or creating synthetic graphite (coking coal, acid leaching, and very high temp kilns +3500C). One company I came across is touting they found a graphite deposit that has little impurities and can be purified using a caustic bake (NaOH) and a little heat (<450C) instead of acid leaching, and the NaOH can be reclaimed. The company, Zenyatta Ventures, has also recently hired Dr. Bharat Chahar, who developed CPREME graphite for ConocoPhillips.
    Have you heard of this type of graphite before? Do you think it is possible develop a lithium-ion battery which source materials do not create harm (or minimal) to the environment?

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