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Tesla Model S Price Dropping In Europe, Sales In Europe & China Expected To Be Double US Sales

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It’s unclear why, but Tesla Model S prices in Germany and the Netherlands are being cut substantially. One reason postulated by some is relatively low sales in much of Europe. Notably, Elon Musk said a month ago that Tesla expected to be selling about twice as many cars in China and Europe than North America by the end of the year. He also talked about getting logistics for sales to China and Europe smoothened out and rolling strong in the first half of this year. For more, check out that article above again and check out this Planetsave repost:

Tesla Sales In China & Europe Expected To Be Double North American Sales (via Planetsave)

This was reported by Elon Musk on Tesla’s last financial call, but it seems to have slipped under the radar. Reuters recently ran a short article on the news, which made me think I should as well. As Tesla moves into the European and Chinese markets…

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  • Tim_Dick

    Lower price is due to rising Euro vs. dollar exchange rate, and the new European production facility (in Holland) coming online which reduces import tariffs. Sales will rise when Supercharger network is built out by the end of 2014. The same issues will affect China.

  • Corey Lynn

    Tesla cried about every single thing, TG included. IE: Look at the CEO’s Twitter. First the NY times Review, then Top Gear, Then the Laws, The the Space Companies Monopoly. What next? The man goes to Twitter every time he’s butt hurt. At least his fans eat it up. Looks like some people are looking for a Steve Jobs replacement. Only difference is Steve made money, not lost it.

    • Nero

      Corey Lynn, why are you coping and pasting same your comment on a lot of articles about tesla? Don’t have anything to say? Then shut please

    • Joshua Burstyn

      When you’re the disruptor you run into barriers, some of which are due to entrenched viewpoints, (NYT, TG) or political or legal cronyism.

      Butthurt? Perhaps, but not without good reason.

    • Crocket

      He’s much more revolutionary than Steve. Steve was great but he really just sold us new computers and music players. Elon has a much larger goal and their net worth is about equal at the time of Steve’s death. Elon will surely surpass him in money.

  • WeaponZero

    This has been widely discussed. It has to do with Tesla’s fair price policy and the fact that the Euro is priced higher relative to the dollar then before by about 10%.

    • Exactly what I thought. But in various places around the web you can see the negativistas explain this as a desperate move by Tesla to improve sales….

  • J_JamesM

    Cars are so expensive in Europe, it’s amazing anyone buys them. What does Britain’s prices look like?

    • But remember that European prices are always stated including VAT.

  • JamesWimberley

    Tesla can’t afford to be marginalised in Germany and China, both of which produce rival evs.
    Germany (a fortiori the Netherlands) is pretty densely populated so a network of superchargers won’t be too difficult. China is huge, What is Tesla’s charger strategy there?

    • Strategy: forget about the rural areas…

  • I wonder whether this European price reduction has to do with Tesla’s final assembly facility in the Netherlands. Perhaps they just started realizing savings in European import duties because of the Netherlands plant.

  • Robert Fahey

    Tesla has raised prices in the United States (not recently):

  • benoit

    i am a fan of tesla, but it seems that in France at least they had a problem to deliver the cars. i know of a person who got his deposit reimbursed due to failure in delivery…that may or may not explain the low sales but it sure is a weird thing for Tesla to happen..

  • “but not so hot in […] and the Netherlands.”

    I’m not sure where you’re getting your information from, but I wouldn’t say 1200 sales in 2013 qualifies as ‘not so hot’. Of course, you can’t compare to Norway, but that is a special case. 1200 is almost as much as the other, much cheaper, full EV’s combined. The drop-off in sales for the first two months was totally expected due to the expiration of a few incentives at the end of 2013.

    And if you allow me, let me present a more plausible explanation.

    Tesla has always stated their pricing is transparent and all countries are treated equally. Since the introduction in Europe last summer, the Euro has gained from 1.30 to 1.38, an increase of about 6%. 6% of 70,000 is 4,000.

    So they are likely adapting the price to the new, stronger Euro. No need to dive into negativity that the shorts so much like to spread.

    • Good points. Thanks. Yours seem to be the better arguments.

  • Albertico

    Lower MSRP always nets more buyers, so this can only improve their number of sales in the future.

    Is hard to tell with Tesla whether or not there is a lack of Model S demand as mentioned by some articles. Each car is pre-ordered months in advance and even more so in Europe and later this year in China. Since they are supply constrained no one can really tell how they are allocating their pre-orders.

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