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This New Electric Car Is Demolishing The Competition In China

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It’s hard to keep up with the Chinese electric car market — it’s harder to find a good, reliable source for Chinese EV news. Oh yeah, wait, there were hardly any EV sales in China last year — not much has been going on there.

But things may be changing fast. The BYD Qin, which has is quite fast and has 70 km (44 miles) of all-electric driving range, has just hit the market. And it has really hit it. As I noted in January, 100 BYD Qin plug-in hybrid electric cars were supposedly sold within 2 seconds of being available on the internet for purchase. Here’s an update, via EV Obsession, on sales in the first couple months of 2014:

BYD Qin Plug-in Hybrid Electric Car Is CRUSHING It In China (via EV Obsession)

I shared China’s 2013 electric car sales numbers in January. The total for all models came to 6,795. “In the first weeks of 2014,” BYD reports that about 6,000 units of its new Qin plug-in hybrid electric car have been sold! Holy cow. I’ve noted…

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  • Two things: 1) Those numbers are estimates, often wildly off; 2) That just mentions 1 BYD model, when the company has several.

  • Greencar

    Good luck with this bus, I hope no one gets hurt or killed.

  • Greencar

    Imagine if we buy our own, thousands of Americans will be put to work.

  • Greencar

    I have not seen this bus but honestly can Chiona really really have anything better than us?

  • Greencar

    Do not trust these Chinese cars, no one to fix them if it breaks down.

    • Bob_Wallace

      So American auto mechanics are too stupid to work on cars built in another country. Is that what you’re saying?

  • JamesWimberley

    The choice of name is remarkable. The Qin were the short-lived and ferocious dynasty that first unified China, harmonizing weights and measures, building the Great Wall with the slave labour of dissidents, and burying Confucian scholars alive. It’s like calling your car the Stalin.

    • Unfolding Universe

      Qin… Nice name.

      Now, Why are whitey so morally rotten like you? Monkey… No wonder your economies are breaking down. Your kind deserve to rotten in your own filth. LOL

    • Markuc

      I suppose it can also be viewed as starting something big. The Qin was also, afterall, the first dynasty that unified the then warring states.

  • No way

    Anyone got any reliable stats on the Chinese EV stats for january and february?

  • anderlan

    Only in China would a company make an electric car with a grill. Not a little grill for power electronics and climate control that’s going to have levered shutters anyway for when cooling isn’t needed, but several grill slits high and low exactly like any other car. They didn’t get the memo that it’s officially okay to deviate from that convention on behalf of aerodynamics in an EV. Oh, China.

    • Republic

      To be fair, a PHEV does have a gas engine. 🙂

    • Markuc

      The definition of a HYBRID means there is also an ICE running along side the electric engine. What kind of person would embarrass themselves like this?

      • Bob_Wallace

        Someone who wanted to drive as much as they could with electricity but who needed more range than a LEAF and couldn’t afford a Tesla S?

        • Markuc

          I was replying to anderian. This car looks great, it’ll be stupid to overlook it simply because you’ve brainwashed to think certain way about a country.

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