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Behind The Scenes Of The 2015 Ford Edge Concept

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First shown at the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show, the Ford Edge concept shown in the video above is a handmade sculpture. Meant to build excitement ahead of the official reveal of the “production-spec” 2015 Ford Edge, the concept is designed to give onlookers a positive sense of the new car. A “sense”, that is, because this concept won’t share a single piece or part with the final 2015 Ford Edge that you’ll be able to buy next spring beyond (maybe) the Ford logo.

Over at industrial design blog Core 77, the guys caught up with the designer of the 2015 Ford Edge concept car and talked to them about the 3D printing and advanced metalworking technology that goes into Ford’s new concept cars. Before you head over there, however, check out some of the photos of the build posted at Gas 2, reposted below, and see if you can figure out what’s going on before you get the answers at Core 77. Enjoy!


How Concept Cars Get Made, Starring the Ford Edge (via Gas 2.0)

Concept cars. They are the physical manifestation of gear head dreams and desires. Often, they’re pure fiction- even the concepts like the Mini Rocketman that bear a passing resemblance to some future production model are rarely “runners”. When…

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  • Ryan

    The MKC is based on the Escape (on the Focus platform) – your comment is invalid
    unless you’re just referring to the new Edge being powered by the 2.3L ecoboost. I believe the 2.7L V6 will make an appearance here.

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