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Published on March 18th, 2014 | by Sandy Dechert


Paris Smog Prompts Day-By-Day Car Bans—OK For Tuesday

March 18th, 2014 by  

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Editor’s Note: Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. However, pollution from the burning of fossil fuels can take down any city. The story below, reposted from sister site Planetsave, is a great (if sad) example of that. It’s also a sign that, despite significant advancements in bicycling, transit, and electric car adoption, Paris has a lot of work to do. A similar story is true in cities around the world. Remember that, in Europe alone, about 40 million people (myself included, for sure) are exposed to “damaging” levels of air pollution. Read more about the Paris story of the week here:

Paris Smog Can Take Cars Off The Streets (via Planetsave)

Travelers cherish the city of Paris, France, for the charm of its luxurious springtime, but maybe not this year (photo: Since last Wednesday, air pollution in Paris and 22 suburbs has topped the safe limit for PM10 particulates (80 mg/cubic…

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  • Alen

    What is the current situation and plan for the EU to deal with the non-compliance of London to meet the agreed upon limit and reduction of vehicle pollution? Any news

    • Ronald Brakels

      They could potentially get fined 300 million pounds a year.

      300 million pounds would pay for a lot of electric short haul delivery trucks and get a lot of diesel vehicles off the road. I suppose some sort of diesel surcharge on vehicles in the most polluted areas would do the trick. But what they really need to do is get electric buses and taxis up and running in those areas. One electric taxi can easily cut pollution more than 20 London electric cars that are privately owned would and we appear to be around the point where electric taxis and buses will pay for themselves so it’s a bit of a no brainer.

  • Steve Grinwis

    I had no idea it was that bad over there.

    • Steve Grinwis

      Looked up my local air quality. It’s not as bad, but not perfect. We have high levels of ozone, and the largest contributor appears to be transportation. We need more electric cars, so my kids don’t have to breath this crap.

      • Bob_Wallace

        Putin may have given EVs and renewables a great big helping hand in Europe.
        Were I a European or European country I’d be working to get myself out from under his thumb ASAP.

        • Steve Grinwis

          Yup…. Hard to argue that. Bring on the windmills and the BEV’s

    • Me neither…

  • Mikito Ohara

    I guess this is the exact problem of China. Well, cars must always pass Smog Check Services. It is the best solution for it.

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