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New Tesla Commercial Depicts Model S As A Spaceship (VIDEO)

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Originally published on Gas 2.
By Zachary Coffey.

Elon Musk is a man with interplanetary dreams that span his headline-hogging ventures, Tesla Motors and SpaceX. Tesla Motors recently shared a fan-made commercial made by EVERDREAM, a company of recent college grads trying to make a name for themselves.

The pseudo-commercial, named “Modern Spaceship,” begins in Anytown, USA in the house of John and Jane Smith, or whatever your favorite random names are.

A young boy plays, Spaceman Spiff style, with a cardboard box in his living room. Upon takeoff, the boy steers his “spaceship” through the house, by a dog-faced Venusian, and into the garage where he makes contact with a vacant ship. The ship is a glistening, deep red sedan, the Tesla Model S.

As the boy’s eyes widen, he approaches the Tesla as if he was gazing upon the X-12 mothership itself. He activates the gateway by depressing the inconspicuous handle on the pilot’s door and ascents inside. Glimpsing around the cabin reveals an alien technology ominously more advanced than his own and a wondrous gleam enters the cosmonaut’s eyes.

After a brief moment to get his bearings, he grips the throttle and the windshield reveals the fanciful cosmos before him. As he reaches for the glowing control panel and increases speed, he undergoes a moment of disbelief in the fictional capabilities of the Tesla.

Flicking through a few settings, the boy does a barrel roll and goes into light speed mode. As the ship puts him back in his seat, the garage door opens to make it known that the ships owners had not gone far and the owner is revealed to be the spaceman’s father. The boy falls back into his seat and shows a sign of concern about the returning being’s reaction but luckily, this is no Darth Vader.

The father puts on his cardboard helmet and the two exchange smiles. Back inside the ship, the two share a sign of camaraderie and begin on a trip through the galaxies, together.

Fan-made videos like this and the earlier “Gallons of Light” showcase the emotional response the Tesla Model S has on people. These homemade marketing efforts also frees Tesla to focus on the important stuff, like building an amazing automobile.

Source: YouTube

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  • Wayne Williamson

    Its a cute video…I like it….

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    Could Tesla be working on a warp engine?

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