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“Passive House Revolution” Shows The Rise Of Extremely Efficient Houses

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Passive House

Imagine a building that uses 80 to 90% less energy for heating and cooling, simply because of its design features, and along with offering considerable cost savings, can greatly reduce the carbon dioxide emissions associated with homes or commercial buildings.

Sound too good to be true?

It isn’t, because those kinds of buildings, built to a different building standard, that of the passive house, are already being adopted in Europe (and have been spreading there for the last 20 years), and are beginning to make inroads in the US.

The passive house concept isn’t very familiar to most people, but a new documentary which chronicles the rise of these extremely energy-efficient homes could help to boost the adoption of passive house construction (and the retrofitting of existing buildings to those standards).

“In “Passive House Revolution” you will see builders in action as they construct some of the first passive house buildings in the United States. You will also meet Wolfgang Feist, the creator of the passive house standard, and Katrin Klingenberg, who brought the passive house to the United States from Germany. In addition, the film takes you through existing homes that are being retrofitted to this standard.

And, it features architects and builders discussing their reasons for constructing passive house buildings. Finally, satisfied owners describe life in homes that don’t require a conventional heating and cooling system and which have very low energy bills.”

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  • Mahdi

    Low energy/passive house is now a “normal” way how to build new houses here in central Europe. Cost the same or a little bit more to build but those savings are huge (our energy is much more expensive than in USA). It’s pure no-brainer.

  • ergodesk

    The next step is Ne Zero Plus. Then the elimination of that nasty OSB Chip Board and more use of Expanded Polystyrene Composites to handle the rough Climate Change weather conditions.

  • ArtaGene

    I once built a solar heat collector in Florida…just a small one and placed it in a west facing window. Had to remove it in the summer, but all winter it did a nice job.
    Not very tech…just opened and closed the window to allow access, no fan or moving parts..but it worked!
    Also used a foil backed kraft paper under the paneling and it greatly improved the insulation’s effectiveness.

  • Will E

    no more energy bill
    clean and easy.
    Energy robot in the house.
    delivers the energy used.
    heat robot for heating and warm water., energy bill zero.
    can do any house
    my house is more than one hundred years
    dividend 3000 euros a year.

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