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Video: Bruce Meyers Drives The Zelectric Beetle

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Zelectric Bug

The Meyers Manx is the first — the definitive — dune buggy. The car also sparked a revolution in small-scale car building, and launched the “kit car” culture that eventually led to near-perfect replicas of cars like the Brock Daytona Coupe and even composite-bodied Cobras and Listers that — dare I say it? — actually improve on the original. It’s an idea that, today, looks a lot like the Open Source TABBY electric car of tomorrow.

Not bad for one guy in a small California shop in the 1960s! Here’s Bruce driving around in an electric version of the car that started it all for him in an article that originally appeared on Gas 2. Maybe, just maybe, the drive might inspire him to an electric Meyers Manx for the 21st century. We’ll see.

The Great Bruce Meyers Drives the Zelectric Bug

When Bruce Meyers stripped the body off an old Volkswagen Type 1 Beetle and fitted a light, fiberglass tub to it some fifty-odd years ago, he invented the dune buggy. He might have called it the Meyers Manx, but we all know it’s a dune buggy. Regardless of what you call the iconic beachcomber, however- *cough* dune buggy *cough* you surely realize the impact it had on VW culture. Recently, however, the great Bruce Meyers went for a drive in what might be the future of said car-culture niche: the all-electric Zelectric Bug.

Zelectric has been building top-notch electric cars with a retro twist for a few years now. What they haven’t done, as far as I know, is apply the same high-tech power unit to something like the Meyers Manx. Not that others haven’t built electric Baja-style racers, but the Manx is fun where they’re … I dunno. Depressingly serious?

Let’s go with that.

Check out the video, below, to see Bruce Meyers behind the wheel of the Zelectric Bug and give his take on the forward-looking throwback. Then, let us know what you think of the car in the comments.

Sources | Images: Zelectric Motors, via Jalopnik.

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