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Electric Car Coloring Book From Tesla Saleslady

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Editor’s Note: I thought we covered this story last month on CleanTechnica, but it seems that it never got written up. Thankfully, Derek has covered it over on Planetsave and is reposting it here. Check it out — it’s a lot of fun. 😀 I’m pledging enough for a copy!

Can You Plug Your Chainsaw Into The Cigarette Lighter Of An Electric Car? (via Planetsave)

Even with all of the stories on electric cars in the news each day, and entire websites dedicated to electric vehicles, people still have a lot of questions about them. Some of those questions are pretty straightforward and practical, such as how long…

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  • Offgridmanpolktn

    Got one, thanks for the heads up. Making good progress on their goal, hope it works out. Looking forward to seeing it myself and the kids will have fun with it too as they know that an EV is going to be our next vehicle when possible.

  • J_JamesM

    “Plug the car into itself to charge?” Sorry, no one is that stupid. He was clearly pulling someone’s leg.

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