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Two Fisker Models (Including Fisker Atlantic) To Begin Production

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2014 Fisker Automotive Website

Troubled automaker Fisker won a stay of execution when Wanxiang bought its assets out of court. In the days after the purchase, speculation about the future of Fisker ranged from starting where they’d left off to ditching the Karma’s troublesome hybrid drivetrain in favor of a more primitive and powerful Corvette V8, a la VL Destino. Earlier this week, we got our first hint of Wanxiang’s plans for Fisker’s future from the company itself, in the form of a newly launched website and a “promise” to build the Fisker Atlantic.

First shown back in 2012, the Fisker Atlantic was the baby brother to the Karma. A luxurious, good-looking plug-in hybrid that was intended to do battle with mainstream Mercedes and BMW models while the sexier, slinkier Fisker Karma acted as the brand’s halo car. The Karma did well enough before Fisker’s troubles started, and will probably do well again. No reason to believe, then, that a reborn Fisker with real funding won’t do better.

Here’s some of Wanxiang’s corporate talk about itself and the “New Fisker” company …


The New Fisker under Wanxiang America Corp ownership will reintroduce “fun” to the driving experience. The New Fisker will keep its nimble and green roots to create a new type of Automotive OE company. One that will display it ingenuity and creativity while keeping the Roots that Henrik Fisker and Bernhard Koehler planted.


Wanxiang America Corp, has a track record that spans many years of success. As one of the largest automotive parts maker in the world “We Know Automotive” and yes we have been accused of being “Car Guys”. Under the leadership of Wanxiang America Corp The New Fisker will deliver on promises and execute on plans.


“Green”, that is what Bernhard Koehler and Henrik Fisker set out to accomplish, we will take it to the next level. Wanxiang has a history of deep investments in Green Technology. With Wanxiang America Corp’s major focus on making the world a better place with Green Technology, you will see The New Fisker create greatness.

… and here are some shots of the upcoming 2015 Fisker Atlantic, which was pretty far along the road to series production already before Fisker’s money woes forced them to delay the car’s launch until, we guessed, 2014 or 2015. Looks like we were right about that one!

  • 2015 Fisker Atlantic
  • 2015 Fisker Atlantic
  • 2015 Fisker Atlantic
  • 2015 Fisker Atlantic
  • 2015 Fisker Atlantic
  • 2015 Fisker Atlantic

Source | Photos: Fisker, via Green Car Reports.

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  • Parker

    Have had a karma for over a year. Great car . No problems and have put 5000 miles on it. . 8 gallons of gas is all ive used.

  • sandy222

    Is it pure electric? No.
    What would it plug into? Thought not.

  • Danny

    I hate to see more people screwed by buying or investing in this company. But whatever! I say, take it to China!

  • Blake

    I don’t get it. How are they keeping their “green roots” if the cars aren’t even hybrids anymore?

    • My impression from that line is that they will remain PHEVs.

      • Yes- and offering gas engines an option. Or, where they use gas engines exclusively, will features “green” tech like cylinder deactivation, flex fuel, etc.

  • One of the prettiest damn cars out there. Like it much more than the Karma. Would never buy it, even if it was within my price range, but could look at some more pics 😀 and am eager to see it finally get to production.

  • Not interested.

    • mike_dyke

      You might not be, but some others are…

      It’s a nice looking car – The more companies producing PHEV and BEV’s rather than ICEs the better. It also increases choice for the consumer.

    • So go away.

      • Not allowed to voice my opinion?

        • Sure you are. As am I, right? 🙂

          In all seriousness, why share a purely negative comment that does nothing to advance the conversation? Why not say “This is too similar to the Chevy Volt in price and I don’t like the styling- I’ll be shopping at the Chevy store,” or something else that people can engage with?

          So, OK- you’re not interested. Unless you have more to say, I’m not interested in reading about your interest levels.


    • Bob_Wallace

      I’m not interested in buying one (doesn’t fit my needs).

      But love the looks. And that will help EVs. Another attractive, desirable non-ICEV on the road.

      • What makes this car not interesting for me is that it is not at all energy efficient. The looks are a bit overdone imo, but that is of course a matter of taste. And I don’t like plugin hybrids in general. They may suit a lot of people, but so do Escalades. I’m not interested in Escalades too.

        And btw I was talking about the Karma, as the Atlantic is not in production yet.

        • Much better! What makes you think the plugin is inefficient? I mean, it’s not as good as an EV, but it’s not as bad as an ICE, right?

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