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Tesla Model E Rendering In Blue

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Editor’s Note: Millions of us are waiting for any little detail we can get on the Tesla Model E. Some of us are waiting so eagerly for it that we are making photoshop renderings of how it might look. Seriously. And I have to say that I really love the look of the Model E rendered below. I can imagine that car making it into a huge number of homes… with the price and range targets Tesla has listed. Anyway, on to Jo’s commentary:

2016 Tesla Model E

It’s at least two years away, but there’s already rampant speculation about the whys, whats, and hows of Tesla’s “entry-level” Model E sedan. There should be, after all- because the Model E, even more than the Model S and Roadster before it, will be the car that brings EVs to the attention of mainstream America. What’s more, we think it’s gonna look a lot like these renderings by Photoshop artist Remco Meulendijk.

The 2016 Tesla Model E sedan is expected to debut shortly after the production version of the all-wheel drive Model X crossover- itself expected to be shown at next year’s Detroit Auto Show. When the car finally does arrive, it’s believed that it will be about 20% shorter (length-wise) than the current Model S, carry a 48 kWh battery pack, and cost closer to Elon Musk’s stated $35,000 target than the $48,000 number that was being bandied about a few weeks ago.

Take a look at the pictures here, then let us know what you think of the Design RM renderings for the new 2016 Tesla Model E in the comments section at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!

2016 Tesla Model E

Source | Photos: Design RM, via GTSpirit.


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  • Chandy Pand

    If it looks similar to this, I will be unable to sleep in the days prior to when I can put the reservation in. I could put few dollars down years before it is actually released.

  • dr. tesla

    WOW! I hope it looks like that, fantastic!

  • frank E.

    Love it. Can’t wait for the auto show next year in Detroit, it feels like Christmas and my birthday all wrap up into one day.

  • jonesey


  • Tom G.

    What a sweet looking ride this is going to be. Finally something aerodynamically smooth for improved efficiency.

  • Jim Smith

    If that is the Model E, i will buy one today!

  • Benjamin Nead

    Somehow, I think the Model E is going to end up being a bit smaller than what is being rendered here. I had to do a side-by-side with online Model S photos to actually see if there was any difference (especially the front quarter view.) Nice computer work on the rendering, though.

    • Jouni Valkonen

      Model E will be normal sized car. About the size of Audi A4. And Audi A4 is not the smallest car on roads.

      As Audi A4 is AWD, my guess is that also Model E will have AWD as standard.

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