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Published on March 6th, 2014 | by Jake Richardson


Solar Power Leaders — 10 Metro Areas Leading The Way In Solar Power Per Capita

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Editor’s note: Absolute rankings give far too much credit to big cities, countries, and companies. Absolute numbers are important for some purposes, but if you really want to see who is taking the lead on a specific technology, relative metrics are what you want. That’s why I put together rankings of the top solar power countries per capita & per GDP, top solar power states per capita & per GDP, and top wind power countries per capita and per GDP every year. However, I’ve never done this for metro areas, so I’m thrilled to see that 1BOG has just gone and done so. Enjoy Jake’s article on the new rankings, reposted from Planetsave:

Top 10 Solar Metro Areas In The US (via Planetsave)

You might expect the #1 solar area in America to be a city like San Franciso or San Diego. According to One Block Off the Grid*, it isn’t one of the largest metro areas, though—it’s Fresno, CA, with a strong lead at 182 watts per capita. That…

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  • Omega Centauri

    Even where I live Brentwood (not near LA -half way between SF and Stockton), there is 3MW of highschool parking lot shades, and several hundred residential systems. This has got to put us ahead of some of those “big-ten” cities. But, anyplace who could claim a large PV (or thermal) plant would be in a whole different league.

  • Omega Centauri

    Barstow Ca? With a big solar thermal plant. Lancaster Ca, which is probably the solar farm capital of the planet? Or does only DG count?

    • jeffhre

      Curios where Antelope Valley which contains Lancaster, Rosamond, Palmdale would fall.

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