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Fit EV Production Ending In Fall, Despite Increased Interest

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Update: Honda has responded to this article with the following statement: “Honda remains committed to advancing fuel-efficient and alternative-fuel vehicle technologies. While we don’t have any future product announcements to share at this time, the Fit EV and our customers are playing a valuable role in providing feedback and key learnings into our ongoing research and development of electrified vehicles. Honda has a diverse portfolio of alternative vehicles, which includes hybrids, natural gas vehicles, fuel-cell electric vehicles and very efficient gasoline-powered vehicles. With an eye toward the future, this past year, Honda introduced a concept of its next generation fuel cell-electric vehicle and the plans to introduce the model in 2015.”

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Honda has announced that production of the Fit EV will end despite increased customer interest—as the company will meet its self-imposed quota this fall. So long, and nice to know ya.

Unlike the Fiat 500e, which sold out so fast that dealers were able to get away with overcharging customers, the Honda Fit EV took awhile to catch on. It was two years ago that Honda had announced it would build 1,100 Fit EVs, and the electric Honda would only be available to lease, not buy. The Japanese carmaker has delivered about 40 Fits per month to dealers, though it wasn’t until the lease terms were revised that customer interest surged.

In fact, there’s now a waiting list at many California car dealers, with many customers willing to wait months for an electric car with a Honda badge. So you would think that Honda would keep production going, or perhaps even increase output to get cars in customer hands, right?

Nope. Once the quota is filled, the Fit EV as we know it will likely come to an end. That doesn’t mean a replacement isn’t on the horizon, but this news comes on the heels that production of the Honda Insight is also over. Obviously, I don’t have the numbers in front of me, and maybe it really is hard to justify continued sales of the Fit EV. But it seems like just as the car got rolling, Honda pulled the plug to make room for rides like the new Accord Hybrid.

That just might be for the best.

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  • lv vacay

    I have bought a honda all my life, first a 89 civic, then a 99 civic, 99 accord and 2010 crv. However my next car will either be a Nissan Leaf or a Toyota Prius C. I will not be awarding my business to Honda anymore.

    • A Real Libertarian

      How about Tesla?

      The model E should be out by replacement time.

      Or Renault, they’ve allied with Nissan to make EVs.

      Toyoda is barely better then Honda on this issue.

      There’s more here:

  • Nicholas Littlejohn

    Would be great to see Honda use the fuel cell knowledge from the Clarity project to promote true EVs as they end FJ SUV production.

    And where are the fuel cell Highlanders, the FCHEVs?

  • Mark Benjamin David

    Although…Honda has a new design for the Fit coming in 2015 model…maybe a BEV version of this, in bigger numbers than the previous model? …Let’s hope they have a new BEV coming.

    • Let’s hope…

    • Nicholas Littlejohn

      Sadly learned that Hondas new Mexican production won’t include hybrid or electric Fits. They will only be in Japan sadly.

      Wish Honda would hurry up and end FJ SUV and big truck production and use the hydrogen knowledge from the Clarity project!

  • Mark Benjamin David

    While Honda has moved hybrid tech forward with the new drivetrain in the ’14 accord hybrid, we really need more full-on battery electric cars! It’s disappointing as, years ago, Honda led the way in reducing emissions and better MPG, the “green” leader in automaking. It seems that’s all they’re willing to do. They, along with a few others including Toyota, have sided with oil by going “forward” with hydrogen fuel cell fueled electrics. While they have zero tailpipe emissions, they are far worse, because, unlike some resources, hydrogen isn’t something you can just dig up, like water, it has to be taken out of something else (processed)…the process is too dirty for me to consider it green or even “better” than petroleum gas.

    So, I don’t agree that it is for the best…so they have a better hybrid, that’s not enough. It doesn’t make sense to anyone except those who stand to lose $ to make anything new that isn’t all-electric. Hybrids are complicated and keep you tied to the systems we all want to end. Hybrid is a compromise that keeps delaying better tech for all-electric battery electric cars. Personally, I’d like to see the CR-Z go all-electric.

    Carmakers will not make more all electric cars unless they are forced to, or people stop buying ICE cars.

    • Nicholas Littlejohn

      You’re right but I saw a solar hydrogen station at Humboldt State and rode in a preproduction FCHEV Toyota Highlander. It was amazing. They had a hydrogen turbo Prius at the lab too!

  • StefanoR99

    There’s one of these on my street. It’s has to be the best model Fit you can get. So short sighted of Honda. You get the feeling they still have the old school mindset of a car company that has been forced to produce an EV rather than a car company who is embracing it like Nissan. Shame.

    • Yeah, Honda seems to be one of the biggest laggards in terms of EVs. A shame given its efficiency record a decade or two ago.

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