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How Residential Solar Can Save Money

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Originally published on RenewEconomy.
By Sam Parkinson.

The Australia Solar Council says it has passed $150,000 in its “Save Solar” fund-raising campaign after receiving a $100k donation from Greenbank Environmental, a leading renewable energy certificate trader. The Australian Solar Council has been raising money in its fight to try to protect the small-scale element of the renewable energy target.

Meanwhile, the Australian Solar Council has also released this graphic below that shows what is happening in the energy markets as well as the role solar plays in bringing down costs.

solar savings australia

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  • Will E

    I will have 6500 Kw on the roof. All working. Solar is now 1 euro a Kw.
    Use it for heating and warm water, heat pump, induction cooking.
    newest technology
    its the combination that makes the profit.
    next what I need is an EV, and use my own electricity for the car and make me every year 6000 euros. clean and easy.
    a can do for everyone, everywhere.

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