Who Needs A Livable Climate? I’ve Got A Job!! (Shell Video)

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Originally published on Planetsave.

A facilities engineer for Shell is featured in the video below in order to inform us of how swell it is to work for Shell. You know, if you can just block out that whole “destroying the world” thing. Anything for a little money, eh?

Truthfully, this video really stands out to me for how it demonstrates what gets people into this industry — It’s a job. Perhaps even a high-paying job. In an office. For a big company.

40 hours a week helping to bring down human civilization and countless species. What’s not to love?

However, I’ll come back to the crux of the matter: as much as “evil” oil suppliers are to blame, demanders are many more times to blame. Oil companies and simple people like the lady in this video are supplying a demand. If we pull out the demand, there will be no such jobs. Instead, there will be jobs in much cleaner bike, electric car, and public transit industries.

If you are opposed to destroying society and/or countless species, stop driving gasmobiles and go solar!

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32 thoughts on “Who Needs A Livable Climate? I’ve Got A Job!! (Shell Video)

  • totally agree.
    Its not the companies, but the customers that feed the companies.
    without customers the companies like Shell and all of them are goners.
    and the political voting of the customers, they vote for there own— buy and burn —- crisis.
    The USA needs a green party. Every day is a huge energy spill of lost solar.

    Good Item Zachary

    stop driving gas mobiles and go solar
    and make a lot of dollars for yourself
    clean and easy

    • Technically, we have a Green Party. It just doesn’t have any chance of winning any major offices.

      • Technically we have a 2 party system. They write and change the rule to keep themselves in power. And the press beats the drum every election that only the D or R party candidate has any chance of being elected and voting for anyone else is throwing your vote away.

    • No, it is absolutely NOT the choice for the public. The fossil fuel money is being made at the very top. For the rest of us, for the country as a whole (USA or other), the better economic choice is increasingly to go clean tech. There are also plenty of jobs in green/clean tech and these are going to be better career choices over a 30+ year span.
      Look at the cost trends. Please consider this!

      • Well said. And the so-called customers that feed the fossil fuel burning greedballs at the top have been continuously forced out of green alternatives by the fossil fuel ‘bought- and-paid-fors’ in government.

        I have written extensively about how Big Oil has engineered tax payer rip offs called “subsidies”, fake oil shortages for profit and wars for about 100 years! And throughout this period, starting with Prohibition (No, it was not about booze; it was about making ethanol illegal so Rockefeller could corner the fuel market!) and extending through the 1980s when solar and wind renewable energy were crushed in their infancy. Hand in hand with all this corruption and propaganda that fossil fuels were “Cheaper” (not), came the “new ice age” baloney.

        It’s a long, sordid story and they are still at it to this day.

        FossilFuel Industry’s SECRET MOTTO

        Don’t Believe the Dirty Lie

        That’s Alright, Isn’t It—-Everyone Is Doing It SO it must be OK?

        How the Promise of Chemurgy Was Dashed By Big Oil

        Robert F. Kennedy Jr: “In the next decade there will be an epic battle for survival for humanity against the forces of ignorance and greed. It’s going to be Armageddon, represented by the oil industry on one side, versus the renewable industry on the other. And people are going to have to choose sides – including politically. They will have to choose sides because oil and coal, they will not be able to survive – they are not going to be able to burn their proven reserves. If they do, then we are all dead. And they are quite willing to burn it. We’re all going to be part of that battle. We are going to watch governments being buffeted by the whims of money and greed on one side, and idealism and hope on the other.”

      • I totally agree. The overall choice is between money for a few and a livable planet. We have already changed our only planet in many ways; climate change being only one of them, and we have a lot to do to fit into nature.

        I’ve just finished reading ‘The Sixth Extinction’ by Elizabeth Kolbert, and I recommend it highly.

  • How very bourgeois.

    • 😀 got that too. Doh!

  • Stop being so short-sighted. If you want an all-solar future, which will rely heavily on batteries and frankly should have an alternative back-up, then you need to build it. You can’t do that with existing solar power on a pure math level or on an existing invention level. I’m all in favour of using solar energy, the sun dumps so much on us regularly we’d be crazy not to, but you’re not going to get to solar subsistence overnight and you’ll need conventional energy to get there. For Pete’s sake, just think about how the raw materials for PV systems are extracted. Do you think those systems are solar powered today.

    Stop harassing people who are happy to work for companies that, like it or not, you you need to achieve your dream.

    • I agree with you. The worker bees are mostly good people and I support Obama’s “all of the above” policy. We need a healthy economy, currently reliant mostly on fossil fuel power, to achieve the transition. Having said that, I wouldn’t get so excited. The problem remains too much support for the incumbent fossil fuel technologies and far less for solar, wind, and energy storage …a really blind way to invest in the future. Thank you over-influence in politics from large corporations, in this case large fossil fuel corporations and some large utilities.
      A friend was just showing me a list of what was accomplished in three short years during WW2, wrt production of military equipment and manufacturing infrastructure transition. This demonstrates the scale of what could be accomplished. Now go read some of the articles on the solar stop-work on Oahu, Hawaii. Over 10% distributed solar PV on homes and they’re getting hot spots …now they’ve put restrictions on and they’re jawboning. That is not a rocket science problem. They need a bi-directional grid, with battery energy storage for short periods (night & clouds) and for power source transitions, and they need deep backup like their existing diesel, or propane, or NG …or maybe something like compressed air tanks (eg. Lightsail). Figure it out! Get it done! Run a second set of copper for that bidirectionality if you need to. It’s a friggin small island. Run the numbers, figure out the cost trade-offs, but a lot of solar is obviously Hawaii’s future …same for the entire southern half of the USA …same for the most populated countries/places on the earth …going forward.
      Now working on THAT would be an interesting and rewarding career choice, with plenty of work opportunities throughout the world over the next few decades. You can bet some of the really smart younger people have already figured this out …no advertising required.

      • At least the PV-inverters installed in Germany, reduce their power or stop feeding into the grid once a certain voltage or frequency has been reached.
        Larger PV-inverters can also be controlled remotely by the grid operators.

        • Thank you. I didn’t know that. It makes sense. I can’t imagine why they’re not using this on Oahu.

    • You don’t get it, Fred. The Oil Companies are Evil. Because that’s what some people here say. Get with the program or we will silence you and your dissent.

      Sarc off

      • The issue isn’t evil. The issue is that we’re creating societal suicide through short-sightedness.

        • Don’t agree on the societal suicide part, but we agree on how exciting the future is for renewables and other technological advances in the use of energy.

  • How to you recruit smart and capable new people when your industry has a poor prognosis for the time span of a 30 year career?

  • Isn’t it Shell that champions the transition to renewables-at least in its advertising blurb?

    • Didn’t they sell their solar energy division? Just the evil core business now.

  • I know a few “normal” people who work in the oil and gas sector.

    They are not the problem.

    Unfortunately its the mega rich CEOs with a huge chip on their shoulder are the problem.

    Also organisations such as companies as a whole make decisions that would be considered crazy by the individuals who make up the sum of its parts.

    Companies exist to make money, and then products / services. They will do everything within the law to make it so, including destory the environment its allowed to operate in. Its all to do with the profit at all costs, to be reported every quarter, every year requirements.

    A Company if considered as a person would exhibit psychological characteristics of the insane.

      • Will check it out

    • …and our supreme court considers them people with their own inalienable rights! Go figure?

      • We need a new classification for a corporation. They don’t eat, breathe or reproduce in the same way we do – they are alien…

        • “Corporations have neither bodies to kick nor souls to damn”.

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  • Interesting who Shell chose to be their “Newbie” employee. I wonder if that employee was an African American female who was say 100 pounds overweight if they would be proudly showing the world their enlightened corporate policy about hiring females and people of color. So much smoke and mirrors.

  • That appears to be a simple recruitment video, so why the vitriol? We can spend so much time attacking corporations that we forget that there is much we can do ourselves, right now. You do not need to run out and buy an electric vehicle You can drive less, drive slower, drive a smaller vehicle. You can heat less, cool less, use less hot water, and dry your clothes on a clotheline. Junk your gas guzzling lawnmower and switch to an electric or just let the grass grow a little longer. Grow some of your own food in the backyard so not quite as much lettuce is transported across the continent. Throw away your patio heater and move inside when it gets cool. I could go on and on, but my bet is that very few are actually going as far as they can to reduce fossil fuel use. How about you.

  • A bit harsh of a story. I have a good friend that works at BP and he’s a really good person. Our country needs their product – really, really does need it. It’s demand driven.

    This being said, my wife and I both drive EVs and have solar that supply >100% of our electricity needs. Oil is dirty, horribly dirty business. For those of us that recognize this, we should focus our attention of reducing demand, reducing it a lot.

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