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Over 1 Billion Electric Miles Driven In LEAFS, Volts, & Teslas (Well Over 1 Billion, Actually)

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A CleanTechnica reader noticed this week that EV miles driven in the Nissan LEAF, Chevy Volt, and Tesla vehicles have clearly surpassed 1 billion electric miles. That’s based on Chevy Volt drivers who opted to share their info via OnStar, Nissan LEAF drivers who opted to share their info via CARWINGS, and Tesla data.

However, the majority of LEAF miles probably have not been logged on CARWINGS. In fact, there’s strong speculation that LEAF miles alone surpass 1 billion. Furthermore, OnStar data is a gross misrepresentation.

Nonetheless, the point is clear: people have driven well over 1 billion miles on electricity just using LEAFs, Volts, and Teslas. The gas/oil savings, cash savings, and pollution savings are incomprehensible, whether we put a number on them or not.

Kudos to the early adopters who are driving electric!

Thanks to Albertico for the idea for this piece.

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  • patb2009

    Billions and Billions Drove…. We need a Logo now.

  • Albertico

    Thanks for the mention.

    Is such a great accomplishment, it proves the technology works and that it is here to stay.

  • Jim Seko


    Can you explain what you mean when you say OnStar data is a gross exaggeration?

    • Karl Bloss

      If I’m reading the above correctly, since many Volt owners have chosen not to report their miles via OnStar, the OnStar data is a gross under representation.

      • Jim Seko

        I have a Leaf and a Volt. Nissan asks permission from the driver to use the data. GM does not ask because they apparently do not log things that would affect privacy, such as location. GM collects mileage data from EVERY Volt on the road and the choice that Volt driver make is whether or not they get to see the data on Voltstats dot com. It annoys me when Fox News types spread falsehoods about electric cars but it annoys me even more when supposed plugin supporters spread untrue information about plugin cars.

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