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First 3-D Printed Electric Vehicle for Chicago Tech Show

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The International Manufacturing Technology Show in September of 2014 will feature a direct digital manufactured vehicle. It will not be an  electric version of the Rally Fighter, one of the first vehicles created and made by Local Motors, but instead a vehicle built specifically for the Chicago driving environment.

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Making a digitally manufactured electric vehicle is a great way to demonstrate the production capability of the Local Motors process, “To deliver the first co-created, locally relevant, 3D-printed vehicle on an international stage dedicated to celebrating cutting-edge manufacturing technology is powerful reinforcement of our commitment to driving the Third Industrial Revolution,” said Local Motors CEO Jay Rogers. (Source: Inhabit.com)
This organization is a collection of engineers, designers, thinkers and enthusiasts that collaborate together through the Local Motors online platform. Customers too can partake in the process and potentially help design their own cars.

Local Motors tends to focus on niche vehicles, and they have about 70,000 designs on their website. Their in-person meetings in Phoenix are called burgers welding and cars. (More males tend to participate but females are always welcome too.)

Local Motors has had vehicle design competitions based on regional communities and the personalities of individuals or ‘psychographic’ attributes. Because of their large design collection and focus on niche vehicles, Local Motors is a good choice of manufacturer to generate  a 3-D printed electric vehicle to the Chicago technology show.

Rogers said he was inspired to create a car manufacturing company because he identifies more with a hands-on approach of relating to vehicles. They make customized cars in low volume production runs, but they use large-volume components made by companies such as GM, VW, Ford, Honda and others. The chassis and body are custom-made.

Their vehicles are street legal and have been registered for driving on real roads. The gas-powered Rally Fighter sells for about $99,000.


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