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Electric Sled From Yvon Martel — MTT-136 — Travels Up To 136 Miles Per Charge

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Originally published on Gas2.
By Zachary Coffey.

Looking for the best way to do the electric slide? Apparently, it’s with an electric sled… the MTT-136, developed by Quebec’s Yvon Martel, to be exact.

Well, I say sled but in reality it’s pretty much whatever you want it to be. The beauty of the MTT-136 (“My Track Technology”) is in its simplicity. In its most elementary design, the 280 lb. machine includes an electric motor and a battery pack surrounded by an aluminum housing that is in turn, wrapped in a tractor-esque rubber track. Attached to the rear of the MTT-136 is a handlebar, similar to what you would find on a lawn mower, with the MTT being maneuvered in a comparable way to one.

The MTT is seen throughout much of the demo video connected to a sled-type platform pulling along its passengers at an undefined, but adequate looking pace. As fun as this looks, what I find more intriguing are the multitude of other uses Martel has found for his invention. The MTT-136 is seen operating on dry land as well as snow, opening up a plethora of additional uses. He pulls logs, goes down stairs, cuts through knee-deep snow and pushes a car (a Pontiac Montana in neutral on snow) to show what his creation can do.

Martel, a native of Quebec, is seeking out manufacturers to help provide the opportunity to put his MTT-136 electric sled into the hands of businesses, consumers and the military alike. He has been developing this all-weather, all-terrain vehicle for the past four years. Specs are semi-limited on this amazing little workhorse, but it is shown pulling 3 large “sleds” full of logs with 2 average size males sitting on top. Despite the oft-frigid temperatures of Canada, Canadians have proven remarkably adept at adopting electric vehicles of every shape and size.

Depending on battery choices and a 15 minute to 8 hour charge time, the MTT can do between 28 and 130 miles of whatever you decide. A fold flat handle allows the vehicle to not only fit in the back of a minivan but also to slip under low-hanging objects while in motion.

The demo shows a number of conceptual ideas that Martel appears to be working on such as a mini-plow, 110v power inverter, a single-wheel pull behind platform and add-on storage options. There are mentions of several additional models, as well. The snowmobile style “S” model complete with front skis and a “T” model with a utility bed.

Unfortunately, Yvon Martel is still on the lookout for prospective manufacturers, but if the all-electric winter mini-tank can make it into production, surely this Canadian contraption has a chance.

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  • robert11122

    how can i contact this guy cause I’m interested in buying/building one

  • rayzor

    I’ll sell them here in the states pretty well

    • Tyler

      Where can I buy

  • Pete

    I think this is a great idea. I would be willing to distribute this product across the us. This product will sell its self. People just need to see it in action. (719)588-4555.

  • Michael R. Zupcak

    I’d rather have one of these than ANY Snowmobile out there!

    • robert11122

      i know right!!!

  • Brian Binnebose

    how do we get ahold of these people?

    • His contact info is at the end of the video on youtube. I would love an update, I can’t imagine that almost 3 months later no manufacturer has jumped on board for this? Why wouldn’t Bombardier or any of the snowmachine (atv or any type of off-road for that matter) manufacturers not be all over this?

  • Rodney Barilleaux

    I am a “Fishing & Hunting Guide/Outfitter” and the multitude of uses for this is phenomenal. This would be perfect hauling client’s deer and elk out of the woods, let alone hauling the firewood needed at base camps. I would most definitely purchase one, and also would be interested in becoming a distributor of this.

  • Brian A

    very interested in retailing this product in michigan providing it is somewhat cost affective for retail and up keep???

  • xpoze

    please start produce this

  • Catherine Beeckman Delen

    How can we receive a contact to distribute this product in Argentina? Seriously.

  • Polarisman

    I want to buy if it dont cost so much. Perfect here in Norway

    • Kevin

      I agree, it would be awesome.

  • sue

    I seriously want one of these if it doesn’t cost an arm & a leg.

  • Paul Northfield

    Kickstarter anyone I’ll sign up

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