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Published on February 25th, 2014 | by Sandy Dechert


Chevy Volt Crossed 400 Million EV Miles Today (Update)

February 25th, 2014 by  

Chevy Volt EV miles

Update: Volt EV miles have now crossed 400 million EV miles. See screenshot above.

Chevy Volt hits 400 million mile mark

“See the USA–in your Chevrolet” is the ancient jingle for Chevy’s 20th-century internal combustion engines. The Volt is looking to exceed 133,333 electric-only trips across the USA today, enough to walk the Great Wall of China 30,000 times, as GM’s Jeff Cobb puts it.

Chevy Volt hits 400 million mile electric-only mark.But 400 million miles is probably the easiest way to express the Volt’s important cumulative “milestone.” Cobb says that when he checked last night–February 24–at 11:30 pm EST, GM’s running tally of Volt EV-only miles was over 399,700. (See his screenshot on the right.) That’s a total miles-driven of 640 million and a fuel savings over 21 million gallons of gasoline. The gas money saved could reportedly buy 159 acres of a private island.

You can see the OnStar stats here. “The Most Driven Volt” (serial # 2012-04388) holds the individual record, with over 56,500 EV miles.

One of these top drivers, jegund, also noted in the comments: “Me and Sparkie (congrats), per VoltStats.Net both passed 50,000 EV miles yesterday. For me, I estimate that’s at least 143 trips to the gas station I did not have to make over the almost 3 years of owning my Volt. That’s what I like.”

How does the Volt total compare with competitors? Nissan claimed 429 million miles for the Leaf about three weeks ago, and Mark Z commented this morning on Cobb’s article with a guesstimate of 250 million total miles for the Tesla Roadster and Model S.

(The Volt total distance also amounts to about 840 trips to the moon and back, in case you were wondering.) 


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